staining window sill problem

arac21May 24, 2011

Here is the summary of what happened. Our handyman sanded our windows

(Oak) then stained them with Chabot pecan stain( product no 8127).

After about 4 hours, he applied polyurethane ( Chabot Number 18010 )

The windows turned white in several areas, there was also change in

wood grain pattern. It looked like " blush" but not quite.This also

happened in window trim ( oak) however he did not apply any stain to

this area or sand just applied polyurethane on existing finish it also

changed color to streaks of white which later coalesced to form large

patches of light beige. Can anyone please help. We are not sure what to do.

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Are these new windows or older ones? If older and there was paint it sounds as if all the paint was not removed and this is tedious. My husband continued the job our painter started on our front door because the door was from 1957,had years of paint on it and he knew the painter wouldn't take the time. It came out beautifully but took alot of work with a heat gun. If the windows are new I don't think I have the answer but I could ask him as he is fairly current about staining issues and the rights and wrongs of it and loves to give advice.

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Could there have been some paint left in the brush from some other paint job? Also, sometimes if you get water or rain on the poly when it is wet, it will turn white. That's all I can think of. It doesn't sound like an actual problem with the stain if it also happened on wood that was not stained. As a seperate issue, 4 hours is not really long enough dry time for stain. I'm surprised he didn't pull some of the stain off the wood when applying the poly. You should really let stain dry overnight and even longer if the color is dark.

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