Stealing at school

popi_gwOctober 23, 2007

This is really a whinge, just need to get it off my chest, but comments would be greatly appreciated.

My son was rather unhappy when I picked him up from school yestereday. He had just had a sport lesson, where the teacher had become annoyed with him because he wasn't wearing his hat. They must wear hats when in the sun.

When I got to the bottom of it all, (difficult as he is 15 !), it turns out there is a culture of stealing hats out of people's bags, by people who had forgotten their hats. This is what happened to my son. It has his name in it.

How is this best handled, by me. I am pretty cranky to know this is going on, as to replace the cap costs $20 and I am not happy to do this.

Ideally I would like the teacher to check the names on caps, in the class.

The problem is "trust". I want my son to be truthful to me about what goes on, but he does not want me to go and blab at school about it. I certainly do not want to betray his trust.

My plan is to have a quiet word to one of the teachers.

And not tell my son I did !

Is this a good idea, do you think ?

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Sure,I dont see the harm in that. I doubt the teacher will single your son out and say it was his hat that was stolen.

My daughter has had stuff stolen from school as well,although nothing that expensive. She came home from school and told me ALL of her pencils were taken.After I just bought dozens of them in September and it is only October!
I think it is just terrible that stealing is such an issue at schools anymore.

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I would definitely confront the principal (and let the teacher know after you talk to him, that you will talk to the principal) and let him know that this is an ongoing problem. They will deal with it hopefully. They need to know.

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What a shame this happens. And the way you describe it as 'culture' it must be the in thing to do? And is stealing. Adults (most anyway) wouldn't dream of wearing someone else's coat home at the end of the day, or eating a lunch that wasn't theirs (did happen at one of my workplaces though, the culprit was in her 50's and had to be told to her face by management to leave other people's lunch food alone!). Frustrating, most workplaces have guidelines set up for some of the negative behaviors that can almost run rampant in the schools. I agree, the teacher/principal must be informed. Sounds like the parents of many children need to enforce manners and rules a little more stringently also? Good Luck Popi.

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I actually just heard the same thing on the radio to a call in talk show psychologist. The only difference is that the child was a girl, and it was $40 gloves being stolen. The mom had called the coach, several times about the problem. The coach did not do anything about it, so she went to the principal. The coach then called her and was angry with her for going to the principal. It turned into a bad relationship between the coach and the mom, and nothing was resolved in this case. The mom would not let this thing go.

The psychologist told her she should have let it go before it got to this point, and to tell her kid to keep her stuff "zipped inside" the backpack/sportsbag, instead of laying around.

Most teachers/coaches will "not" appreciate the type of parent who immediately goes over his head. Would you?

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Thanks for the comments, guys.

I will go through with my plan. I will choose my words.

I think its disgraceful that this stealing goes on, the utter disrespect shown to other students belongings, is just a symptom of a general malaise in society. I feel its necessary for me to take a stand as we all should.

I agree, sometimes you must let things go and also make sure you protect (and empower your children to do so), yourself from pilfering from others.

Thanks again for the comments.


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Good luck Popi! Let us know how it goes...

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P.S. make sure to tell the coach that you do not want your child to know you called....sometimes coaches and teachers accidently mention speaking to moms in conversation with students.

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