Is it possible to paint a fiberglass shower pan?

brooknessMay 6, 2009

We have a perfectly sound fiberglass shower pan that is pretty grungy looking, and no amount of cleaning works. Is it possible to paint the pan with an epoxy paint that is made for fiberglass? Will it hold up with exposure to water like that?

Thanks for the help!

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There are kits available online, but you have to use good bonding primers...and those fumes/voc's are typically horrendous!


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You can use a marine paint. Still stinky but not as bad. It won't last forever, but the job we did in a rental unit lasted 8 years. It's a forever choice, though. We are redoing it again this weekend.

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Try this first, I had a tub repair guy come out and fix some cracks in a fiberglass tub/surround a while back. Anyhow, when he was done fixing the new surround, (I had found some spider cracks in it after I had installed it), I was talking to him about a old grody shower unit I had on the first floor that I was planning on ripping out since it looked so bad. (btw: I just purchased the house when this went on, no way would I let my shower get that dirty). So... get a orbital buffer, just like the one you would use on a car. Using a wool buffing pad and some jewelers rouge (some green stone jewelers use to polish jewelry, which I believe contains a very fine abrasive) you can return you fiberglass tub/surround/pan to like new condition. Run the buffer with the wool pad on and place the stone against the wool pad, the wool pad should pick up the abrasive substance from the stone. Buff a small area, reapply the jewelers rouge every few minutes of buffing. Don't run the buffer too fast or too long in one spot, or you will burn the existing paint or possibly buff through it. If I remember correctly, he said the top coat on those units is about 7mils thick, so you definitely have some paint to work with. Anyhow, with very little elbow greese (orbital polisher does all of the work) and some time and patience, you can restore the existing finish to like new, rather than doing all of that other work trying to refinish or repaint it, which probably won't turn out nearly as nice as simply polishing what you have. Use a good cleaner first to remove soap scum and water scaling, he recommended a product called "the works" to clean your fiberglass bath. We have gone to using this product on a regular basis to keep the shower clean. Try this on a small area to start with and see the results.

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jlt280, very interesting. Is the resulting abrasive powder fine enough to go down the drain without causing any damage?

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