What color to paint sides of a swinging door

p.ball2May 4, 2013


Frequent poster over on kitchen forum but first time in paint forum.

I have a quandary with the double hinged swinging door between our kitchen and dining room. Our dining room has a very creamy trim color (BM 344). Our kitchen trim color is cloud white. Previously this door swung into a Butlers pantry that had the same trim color so no problem, both sides and door trim were painted the creamy color. Now we have remodeled the kitchen and Butlers pantry is gone, you enter kitchen directly from dining room.

This door swings either way ( into kitchen or into dining room depending on which way you are heading). Most of the time we will have the door propped open, swung into the dining room which means kitchen side will show. So what color do I do on kitchen side of door? i am set on doing dining room trim color on dining room side . Will it be odd if we paint the kitchen side the white cloud but when propped open in the dining room with the creamy trim will it look like we made a mistake?

Hope you can understand our scenario.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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Option #1:
I'd take my cloud white swatch and creamy swatch back to the Paint Store and buy a Quart of semi-gloss that is somewhere in-between the two. And paint the whole door one creamy-white color. Propped open or closed ... your dining room look will be in-tact.

More of a quandary is the door jam itself (if you have one).

Option 2: Take the door off -- you may not need it now that your kitchen makeover is complete (just an idea). Congrats on the project.

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Thanks for the reply.

While removing the door is a possibility we like to have it for when we want to keep our dogs in the kitchen. Also the door is very nice, a six panel old door- I would love to strip it down to the Oak but my husband has already stripped a few things for this project and is all stripped out for now.

A color in between the two is a thought I had not had. We do have a door jamb or transition on the side where the hinges are located but nothing on the other side. We have this scenario in other locations since our house is old and has some large entry openings from one room to another without doors. We were able to use a decorative groove in the opening between the rooms for a color transition and it seems to work well.

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You are most welcome for the idea. If you think you could get the door "stripped" and refinished in the future (after hubby has had a rest) maybe leave it for now and do the refinishing later. That would look really, really nice.

Gothcha on the pooches in the kitchen. I was interested in your challenge because I may "put up" a door for the same purposes. :)

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