Where do you buy this toy - Scannerz?

janetwilsonOctober 16, 2001

DS has seen this commercial for a form of handheld game called scannerz. It's advertised very heavily on the cartoon network. I haven't been able to locate it in the stores. The only reference on the web is a toy review from February. Is anyone familiar with this toy? I'd appreciate any info!!!

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I have never heard of this. What company manufactures it? I did a search and couldn't come up with anything either.

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I saw these at wal-mart last night for $19.87.


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Thank you!!! I finally saw a commercial last night and realized it's spelled skannerz and by the Radica company - their web site mentions you can buy them at WalMart, KMart and Kaybee toys. This is sure to be hot toy this Christmas - it's all the kids are talking about at school.

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What does the toy do? Now you have my interest piqued!

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What age group is it aimed at? I haven't heard about it.


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I just saw the ad tonite and it seems a little strange to me. Kids use this 'device', the scanner, to scan any and all products they come across that have a bar code...at home, at the grocery store, wherever. 'Hidden' in certain select bar codes are (was it dragons or what) a creature of some sort, that when found by their scanner the data is 'entered' or downloaded to their scanner and then they can do things with them (the 'captured' creatures).I know they can hook up two scanners together to fight, but they can also manipulate their creatures somehow once it's on their scanner device. If you ask me it sounds like a major pain in the butt. Can you just imagine your kid running all over the grocery store scanning as many items as possible. And just think about how many companies and corporations would have had to work together to incorporate this data into their everyday bar codes for kids to find, a major undertaking if you ask me...and what do the companies get out of this...because they aren't going to do it without it somehow benifiting them. I say weird. What do you guys think. I hope I explained this well I realize it sounds a little bizarre.

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Wow Lisa, you don't need to worry about kids running all over the supermarket scanning things. After your description of the toy, I want one! :) Sounds like a really neat high tech toy for today's kids.

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I was under the impression that EVERY bar code gave you some sort of monster/creature. I bought it for DS's Christmas; sounded neat!

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Yep - you use it to scan bar codes and find aliens in the codes then you can do battles with other scannerz. My son is dying for this toy and I'm sure there will be one in his stocking this Christmas. I think it sounds kinda neat and high tech -- plus, it might keep him occupied (less whiney!)while I'm trying to get my shopping and other errands done!

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try this site for details http://www.skannerz.com/

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I saw a kid in the store a few days ago that had one of these. It kept him occupied and quiet while his mom shopped. Pretty neat.

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But what a mess for the supermarket--I'd be willing to bet that most kids aren't going to be too particular about putting the products back neatly on the shelves. YIKES! (although it does sound captivating, doesn't it? I've already got one of those Q-cat scanners on my computer and that's fun.)

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Good point Skye, but lets not assume that children are the only ones not returning stuff where it belongs. I've seen adults do this too! Maybe the parents could just let the kids scan what goes into the shopping cart!

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I want to send this toy to family in Ireland.Does anyone know if the scanner & the bar codes will work there also? They haven't heard of it. Thanks for any information

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I just wanted to let everyone know - this toy is cool!!! My son got one for his 8th birthday, and we (yes, we) have been having a ball! It's a lot of fun and not very destructive. Too cool!

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