SW arts and cafts colors?

kpassoMay 11, 2011

has anyone used any of these colors? and/or have pics?

considering for my 1928 brick bungalow.


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these were made from the original colors made in the 1920's. From what I have read the colors popular back then, are not really popular today. I did not like them when I looked at them.

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On the right house they look great, provided the furnishings go with the paint colors.

It's more of a marketing ploy than anything else.

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Actually, that's not entirely true. They did their due diligence and have created colors that reflect the palate originally available by Aladdin and others. Also, "popular" is not the same as "historically accurate" and "timeless" - what looks good on a bungalow can look ridiculous on a colonial or a midcentury modern. Victorians can usually get away with the most outrageous colors. The SW palates are actually pretty good in this regard - I wouldn't use their paint though, but these colors are good.

Check the book Bungalow Color Exteriors by Robert Schweitzer, the SW A&C palate is one that he shows in the book.

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yeah, i bought a few samples and actually like quite a few of them.

why wouldn't you buy SW paint? just curious.


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I'm a Benjamin Moore girl, although I have mostly been quite happily using a locally manufactured paint lately - buy local and all that.

The few times I have used SW paints (helping friends, volunteering, etc.), they were inconsistent in application and coverage. I just wasn't happy with the result for the price. Cheap paint should be, well, cheap. I would rather pay a slight bit more, and in some cases not even more, and get a much better result.

I have a giant paint chip and color story collection, thankfully my place does excellent matching. I've even bought samples from SW or Pittsburgh (they also have awesome colorways) and painted a board, then taken the board in to get the best match in the paint I want.

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