help me reconstruct "gondi"

gellchomOctober 4, 2012

It's funny that someone revived my old post about clear liquids, because I am posting with a similar question now.

My daughter, Thing Two, had her wisdom teeth removed this morning. She stuck to pudding, soup, jello, mashed potatoes and cottage cheese today, although her doctor said she could eat anything she wants. I imagine tomorrow she will want more substantial food. There is leftover very soft stuffed cabbage, which she likes, for lunch.

For tomorrow night, I think I have a good idea. I have the leftover chicken from the soup (four pounds of wings; not a ton of meat, but some), and it's very soft, because I cook my soup for several hours. So I was thinking of what to make for her with that.

Her boyfriend's family is Persian-Jewish, and although his mom is a terrific cook, she has trouble eating a lot of it, because she just can't eat anything even a little spicy. But there is one Persian specialty she makes that Thing Two adores: chicken meatballs called "gundi" or "gondi." I looked in a very good Persian cookbook Thing One's sister-in-law gave Thing Two (wasn't that nice?), but the recipe calls for raw ground chicken. I want to use up the wing meat.

Any suggestions for a recipe that uses what I have? Or suggestions how to retrofit one that calls for raw chicken?

Thanks so much in advance. You guys rock.

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I can't see why you couldn't chop it fairly small and/or pulsed it once or twice in a food processor, with less cooking to get the result for which you are looking.

(((thing two))) get better soon!

Here is a link that might be useful: Persian meatball recipe/tecnique

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