Interior of an old home Aura or something else

bigds01May 17, 2011

We are looking at buying a shingle home from 1899. I want to get the entire interior painted the Duron Antique White. Now I know duron is crap. What I want to avoid is the nuts expense of the Aura. Any ideas on a great washable flat that performs like an Aura but just a wee bit less expensive? We are literally going to paint the entire house the same color with gloss white trim/doors.

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Lori A. Sawaya

PPG's Manor Hall Timeless. Just mentioned on another thread that local independent paint stores are a treasure trove of options if you know what you're looking for.

Have to be careful in an independent tho because they often have to move inventory. So, the "best" paint you can buy or the "best" paint for your project can be a sliding scale based on what they need to move out the door that month, etc.

Independents are great and not all of them are so opportunistic, but ya still have to do your homework and there are incredible values to be had -- again, provided you do your homework.

There's also ACE Sensations - look into that one too.

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BM's Regal or Regal Select Matte

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What issues do you typically run into with plaster painting?

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Lori A. Sawaya

Functionally, as long as you prep properly there shouldn't be any issue. Some older houses have layers of paint that are thicker than the actual plaster. (that's probably an exaggeration but ya know what I mean)

If there's actually integrity issues with the plaster, you should post those details - maybe on another thread - to get feedback on what "proper prep" in that instance means.

Aesthetically - and this is a personal note - modern paint formulas + old plaster walls aren't ideal partners. The final finish from a few Farrow & Ball products is a better fit for plaster. Paint is a film and the newer formulations look more "filmy" or "coating-like" than older formulas. The F&B example is pertinent because their final finishes don't have the same edge of "film" or "coating". Hope that makes sense.

Just something to keep in mind when you're shopping for, selecting the aesthetic of the final finish you want to end up on the plaster walls.

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funcolors and paintguy both have more experience with a variety of brands than I do, but from personal experience I really like the Ace Sensations aka Ace Royal Finest. I've only used Eggshell & Satin, but the Matte is supposed to be really scrubbable and stain resistant, too (and in the interest of full disclosure: I work at an Ace).

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