Might be Pregnant

rabbit8October 9, 2003

What are some steps a grandmother can take if she has a 16 year old daught staying with her in school and she have not seen her period in 3 months. The doctor say she is not pregnant. The girl said she have had sex. What can the mother do as far a getting this child in a home so she can take care of the baby. The grand parents are in their eighties and they are tired after raising 2 sets of childrens. Please help.

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I am not sure I was clear - are you saying the doctor says she is NOT pregnant? if she is not pregnant, why would you be looking for a home? sorry, perhaps i misunderstood.

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This is a friend of mine. Godd report in, She's not pregnant!

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Why on earth why anyone want to commit their daughter to a "home" if she is pregnant? Are we STILL in the stoneages or what?!! What a cruel and cold thing to do. :o((

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I agree with nookie....is it because of cost - no one can afford to take care of her? regardless of what the girl did or did not do, if she ended up pregnant, she needs all the support she can get, not to be banished. just my thoughts.

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I would take the girl to the doctor for Mirena right away. It is a hormone-releasing IUD-type thingy (nothing like the ones from past years) which is 99% effective against pregnancy for FIVE YEARS. That will really help-- it is much more relaible than the pill and is basically no-maintenance. I would take her right away-- to the doctor or if she cannot afford it, then to Planned Parenthood to discuss her options for reliable birth control like Mirena or Norplant. Please help the kid not ruin her own or everyone else's life by getting pregnant. She sounds as though she is in no position to handle a pregnancy.

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Three months? Does she exercise a great deal or is possibly too thin? Menstruation can be irregular in young girls, but I would think by the age of sixteen it should be relatively established.

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Thanks for being concerned, but all is well. She is not pregnant. To answer your questions, yes, she gets plenty of exercise and is not over weight.

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rabbit8, I caught that she's not pregant, but given the situation you describe, I'm worried about her being under-weight or exercising too much, both of which can cause menstruation to cease. There are serious health issues if a girl or woman is not menstruating because she's underweight.

She may simply be irregular, but if she's still not menstruating, I would strongly suggest ruling out the possibility of anorexia with the doctor.

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thank you so much for your concern. I will ask her mom. I didn't think about that. Come to think of it, she is kind of skinny.

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