8 year old boy... killed by uzi...

silverswordOctober 28, 2008

Boy Accidentally Killed by Submachine Gun at Firearms Expo

Father, Instructor Nearby When the 8-Year-Old Fired Micro Uzi


Oct. 27, 2008

"With his father and a firearms instructor standing nearby, an 8-year-old Connecticut boy shot himself in the head with a submachine gun yesterday, killing himself in an accident some say should never have happened."

y'think? Who would let their 8 year old fire an UZI?

Here is a link that might be useful: ABC Report

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What a sad story....what are people thinking? That is something that would drive you insane if you had to live with it being your responsibility. So So Sad. His dad was a Doctor, right? Geez...makes me ill.

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"Who would let their 8 year old fire an UZI?"
Obviously, that dad....

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I heard this too, crazy, very sad.

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Unbelievable. What a horrible thing to happen. Very sad. Christy

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that's why i am for a very serious gun control. just in case some people are too stupid to not allow children around weapons.

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Hi Finedreams,
Do you think the responsibility should lie with legislature or with the boy's parents?

I'm so torn on this. 1. I feel that no child should be around semi-automatic weapons. But 2. my parents were around shotguns, etc. their entire lives and none of their friends or family ever were injured from those guns.

What changed? I'm really puzzled.

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