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kuiporngOctober 12, 2005

Hi everyone,

I have a 9 years old daughter recently receive a radio as a gift. I would like to ask any of you as parent out there. Should we need to concern about what channel the child listening to, if we should, do you have a effective way to make sure they use the radio in a good way?

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You need to be concerned. Some of the popular primetime shows aren't family friendly. DH was listening to a popular radio station this morning. I heard a song or parody of Cheech and Chong. The content was almost x-rated. This was a prime time popular radio station that is on air while mom and dad are on the way to work and the kids are in the car.

I don't know that you could block any stations. You could pick a few stations and listen to them for a few days to see if you approve. Tell your daughter she can't listen to any stations without you there if she doesn't have prior approval.

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My negative experience with the radio has been the morning talk shows on most of the rock stations. They are incredibly raunchy. Probably as long as she isn't listening to the morning rock station talk shows, it will be okay. That should be fairly easy to control. The hip hop stations play music with foul language but I think they play mostly cleaned up versions on the airwaves.

I didn't allow my children to watch MTV when they were little.

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I agree with the above posters. As I look at some of the teenagers, decked out in their black "Goth" with 1/2 (one side) of their head shaved,and the other half with dyed black hair, multiple piercings, etc. and creating an image that is downright scary, and meant to be, I wonder about the sweet children they were, such a short time ago. And I wonder where the influence came in, that changed them so radically, from that nice kid, to the kid they are today. It doesn't seem to be T.V. that provides that particular influence, and so I wonder if it is the music they listen to that changes them so dramatically, and why. You might exchange the radio for a CD player, and choose music for her that you both are comfortable with. That way, she will not feel deprived, and you will know what is influencing your daughter.

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The worst are the shock shows. Phil Hendrie at night on the AM band (I think it's 9-10 or 9-11 pm Pacific) and the John & Ken Show in the early evening is not quite as bad. One of the hosts would like to be but the other doesn't let him. (I have only heard these a couple of times; I don't just listen to them, if you care to know.)
Profiles of some other shows:

Dr. Laura Schlessinger--now I have listened some to that. She seems like a clean talkshow host at first, but she has a curt, sometimes rude style and she does swear a lot (has a fix on the words 'b!+c#' and 'c&@p' especially). And if the little gal isn't aware of the 3rd biological fact yet...well, she'll learn it pretty quick from Dr. Laura. (The show is on in the afternoon, fortunately)

Rush Limbaugh--well, it's so Republican party-line, pro-war, pro-Bush biased. And so is Sean Hannedy (sp?). Clean talkshows though.

"The Quake"--clean, as far as I know. Slight 'left' political bias.

Bill Wattenburg--somewhat shocking. Watch out for that one.

Kim Komando--A-OK. Same with the Crackerbarrel Show and some objective politics shows.

And on FM there's always NPR. NPR is clean, no uncensored swearing (although their bleep quality sometimes allows part of a word to be heard) or dirty humor, just news, and classical/jazz music.

What part of the country are you in, anyway?

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I realized my sentence structure was misleading; it sounds like 'Phil Hendrie & the John and Ken show aren't as bad. I meant that Phil Hendrie IS bad, but John & Ken not as much.

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What is wrong with dressing goth? It is just a little self expression. It wasn't that long ago I was these kids ages, and I was a skater with the long hair, big pants and tag shirts. All of my friends turned out OK. It is always something that adults don't like about kids. Just my .02

I do not think that you need to be worried about the radio, it is the same as brodcast tv, even better, their is no soft nudity.

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That's what I was thinking--radio is a pussycat when compared to television, even broadcast television.

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My son, age 9, has a radio and listens to what his dad listens to. Country. My son even sings to most of the songs.

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I have four kids. My 12 and 9 yr olds have radios. They were on all the time for a few weeks at first, but so many stations are so much talk and advertising, they soon got bored with it. So if you find she listens more than you'd like right now, wait it out, she'll likely get bored with it soon enough.

Meanwhile, maybe there is a Radio Disney station near you. I love it even for myself! It's too cute. There is some pop music and artists, and some kids recordings of pop music, some Disney music, funny talk appropriate for kids. They make CDs and sell in the stores, too, if she likes to use a CD player.

Here is a link that might be useful: Radio Disney

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My daughter tuned the car radio to her stations so we could listen together -- and chat about them. Great parenting opportunity.

I don't care how kids dress, as long as they don't mutilate future body functions. Ahem. I do care how they treat themselves and others.

One of the sweetest, kindest people I know is a young mother with head-to-toe piercings and tattoos. If you saw her on the street (any street anywhere, trust me) you'd notice her. But she couldn't be more kind or more aware of the people around her.

I touch a lot of different circles in my volunteer life, and I have to say it keeps me grounded.

But back to topic -- there is a lot of questionable stuff clogging the air space. My attitude is more that it's a waste of time or arrogant or patronizing or unethical. The details of why I think this moves conversation with my daughter more so than blanket comments about something being "bad." Turns out she thinks along the same lines as well. But the most important thing is that I know what my 14 year old is thinking today.

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