any help getting my 3 year old to sleep

scousemoeOctober 1, 2009

Hello there, i have a 3 year old little boy who wont sleep more than 8 hours, he goes to bed between6pm to 8pm he is up at 6am every morning as i have to take him to a private nursery for 7.30 for me to start work at 8am, i pick jack up at 12.30pm some times he naps in the afternoon then its hard for him to sleep at night..

But if he doesnt nap he is asleep by 6pm then wakes up about 3am any help or advice i would be very gratefull love scousemoe xxx

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When he does nap do you let him sleep as long as he wants or do you have a set amount of time for nap?
He might be sleeping too long on those days he is napping.
What occurs when he wakes up at 3 am? Does he wake and come into your room or cry until you come to him? Do you let him crawl into bed with you? What's the usual routine?
I used to give my kids really warm baths right before bed...warm enough to make their faces pink. I didn't allow toys in the tub at that was to make them sleepy. Sometimes I'd get in the tub with them with the lights turned low to set the nite nite tone.

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I think it is quite normal for him to go to bed between 6pm and 8pm and wake at 6am. All kids seem to wake up early when they are little. If you want him to sleep more, perhaps you could make his room dark, with a dark curtain so the light is not getting in.

I guess you are asking how to deal with him when he wakes up at 3am ? Perhaps you could expand here, as to what happens and what you do, as well.

When my children were little I preferred that they went to bed at 6pm, so I used to deter them from naps during the day.

How do you put your child to bed, does he go off to sleep under his own steam ? If he can't put himself to sleep, on his own, this would probably explain his 3am wakings.

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You are putting him to bed to early if he wakes up to early for your routine. The earlier you put them to bed the earlier they wake up. My sis's kids were put to bed so early that they woke up between 3 or 5 in the morning.

By your post you put him to bed at 6 or 8 PM, 6 to 6 AM is 12 hours, 8 to 6 AM is 10 hours sleep. My kids never slept that long even at 3.

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