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autumn.4February 10, 2013

Hi secondhalf. I see you have grabill cabinets (but can't find a reveal anywhere, hint hint). ;) We are looking at both Shiloh and Grabill and have found a lot of information on here about Shiloh but next to nothing about Grabill.

Can you share your thoughts on them? The KD told us for what we wanted Grabill would be about a 25% up charge compared to Shiloh. Shiloh looks good but you can see a difference in finish between the two and we were thinking for longevity it might be worth it to go with Grabill.

Are you happy so far? Any overriding factors that made you choose Grabill over another? Where there any other brands that you were debating between?

Thanks in advance for anything you can share.


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Bump - any KD's have any comments on Grabill v. Shiloh?

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With Grabill, you can and should expect perfection! With Shiloh (and other semi-custom cabinets), you'll still have some rough spots or flecks under the paint here and there. There won't be a lot...but there will be some. I've yet to see a semi-custom paint job as nice as Plain & Fancy, Grabill or other higher end brands. They have better equipment and apply a thicker mil of paint.

That said, it's up to you. What's more important....perfection? Or that 25% savings in your pocket??

If this is your forever house? If it is, I would do Grabill....if the extra $ isn't breaking your budget. I myself sell both P&F and Shiloh and am paying more for P&F in my personal kitchen I'm doing right now...But I plan to live here for 20+ years!

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Thanks Kompy, I appreciate your professional input and personal opinion for your own home. It is indeed our "forever home". We are thinking it might not even be a full 25% upcharge if we are creative in our configuration (mix full overlay with inset or something like that). You could see a difference in the finish but $ in the pocket when you are building has a definite voice too, lol!

Thanks again.

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Hi Autumn 4- sorry to be responding so late ---I've been too busy enjoying our remodel and have shirked my responsibilities here. We love love love our Grabill cabs. We had been looking at Brookhaven but the day I went to sign the contract I saw a crack in the MDF in the display at the store. I honestly walked out and went immediately to the dealer with the Grabill cabs I had loved but thought were too expensive. The dealer worked with me and brought the price to within my budget and without me having to cut out much. I can post pictures tomorrow. I hope that helps.

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Hi secondhalf - I just now saw this. I was on vacation when you posted - so easy to lose track so I completely understand!

Pictures would be awesome if it's not too much trouble.

You are loving the finish and so far so good? For our size kitchen the Grabill weren't too much of a hit to take upgrading from Shiloh - with a few modifications. That would be with doing some mixing - so not ALL inset but maybe inset on the drawers and full overlay on the uppers or something like that.

Had you considered Shiloh at all or you had settled on Brookhaven until you saw the display (good thing you saw it before your ordered!)?

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