searching 4 birth parents

cylinceOctober 4, 2007

My husband was adopted at birth & wants 2 find his birth parents. He was adopted on May 18th,1984, out of Kaiser Hospital in Fontana,Ca . Their names were Amber Cue and Robert Meis. N.E.1 know how 2 start looking 4 them? We will pay,it doesn't have 2 b the free stuff

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Try - notice the spelling. There's a small charge, something like $15 for 24 hours of service.

Also, you can look through the Social Security Death Index to try to determine if they are still alive.

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this one is free to start with, but you might as well pay a small fee and get better info.$ref&se=$se&doby=&city=&name_style=1$ref&se=$se&doby=&city=&name_style=1

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