Warning about Bissel Vacuum Cleaners

christy2828October 14, 2008

I came across this article on Babycenter and need to share it. I didn't see in the article what make/model of Bissel this was, but this is worth a read. Here is a link to the article, and below is a link to the photo. Poor babe. Christy


Here is a link that might be useful: Photo

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Bissell "PowerForce Turbo" Bagless 6585 series



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Thanks, silversword. I was suprised when this didn't get more responses, I think it is appalling and people need to know about it. Especially if Bissel isn't taking any responsibility. This forum seems to be more of an Estrangement forum lately, maybe no one with small children. Christy :)

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Christy, I was horrified too. Especially since I 'love' Bissell and have one in my home right now... groan. I have made sure since you posted that to check to make sure it's not overheating (it's not) and to put it away right after using it. If that vacuum could do that to that poor poor poor little boy, it seems like it would be a fire hazard too, don't you think?

And yet, everyone knows what Brittney's doing this week. Our media is focused on entirely the wrong sort of "news" if you ask me.

This will have an effect on my purchasing decisions in the future.

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Hi again,
I just posted this to the "Parents of Infants" and "Parents of Toddlers" site.

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Thank you again!! I know we try to keep our kids safe from everything, but some things make it under the radar. If Bissel doesn't take responsibility, us Mommies need to!!! What that poor child, and mother had to go through, other people need to know this. Thanks again, Christy

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