Paint mavens: what white with BM-01 trim and terra cotta floor?

marytwMay 17, 2011

Hi, paint experts,

I'm hoping you can help me i.d. a good BM white to use on my kitchen walls, given my setup: The floor is a terra cotta vinyl tiles (nope, can't be changed) that varies in tone depending on the light. The cabinets and trim are both BM-01. White subway tiles, dark soapstone counters with a few light green-blue veins.

I originally painted the walls BM Nantucket Gray but now believe (and my friends confirm) that with the shape of the kitchen, and the terra cotta floor with a small rug on it (colors yet to be decided) and the dark soapstone, the kitchen would look better if I kept it mostly white above the counters. (I have LOTS of color I can add to the kitchen in other ways, so there's no problem with drabness.)

Right now I have a colorful tribal rug there, so in fact my kitchen looks a bit schizophrenic -- classic old fashioned white and black kitchen with soapstone from the ankle up, then southwestern colorful for its feet. I'm not sure I can do anything about this mix, but I think taking out the greenish wall paint will keep it from being totally dysfunction.

So I'm looking for another white that would look good with the BM-01 cabinets and with the floor.

Right now I'm comparing Navaho White and Ivory White. (I've also tried, but nixed, Natural Wicker as too dark and White Dove as too close to the color of the cabinets, and China White as a bit too gray.)

Unfortunately there's a strip of wall above the picture window over the sink that one sees on entering the kitchen where neither color seems quite right -- the Navaho comes across as a bit pinkish and the Ivory White, which looks good when I move the sample to other parts of the room, reads as too lemony. I'm hoping you can suggest some whites that are about the same depth as these two (I know that's not the right word; maybe I mean saturation?) so they'd contrast with the cabinets/trim a little but not be quite as lemony as the Ivory White.


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Lori A. Sawaya

"Mario Buatta, the New York designer nicknamed the "Prince of Chintz," concocts a mix of Benjamin Moore White and Linen White for many of his neutral rooms."

No clue where I got this quote but I saved it because I actually think it's rather genius. Well maybe not GENIUS but I can see how it'd be a good idea in some situations. Wonder if it'd work for you.

You don't have to buy gallons to try it. The colors might be available in sample pots. Or just buy quarts and give it a go if you want.

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Thanks for the idea -- I might give it a try.

I found the quote just once on Google; looks like an interesting article:

Here is a link that might be useful: Brush up on Hues (1999)

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Lori A. Sawaya

1999? - gosh, doesn't seem that long ago! lol! :) Time flies. Still a good idea tho.

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