Will ceiling paint cover Oild Baed Kilz

andrelaplume2May 25, 2011

I got help on another post but want to make sure I do this right. I have a stain on a ceiling. I understand oil base kilz will cover it. BUT...if I use the KILZ on the spot and then repaint the entire ceiling...will the KILZ show thru....I could have swore this happened to me years ago....maybe I had junky ceiling paint...is there a special ceiling paint I should use.....I always used Behr products for walls...will there brand suffice...do not recall what I used on the ceiling last time...

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I have spot primed with oil based primer and then painted the walls and it looked fine. You could not tell what places had been primed.

There are people on this forum who don't like and will not use Behr paint. I've used Behr Premium Plus Ultra several times and it has worked fine for me.

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always used Behr on walls...no issues whatsoever...may try their ceiling paint. Interestinly, the behr ceiling paint is more $ than rguular Behr flat....what makes ceiling paint better than flat?

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Ceiling paint is thicker, to reduce spatter. It is also usually a greyer base to avoid reflecting too much light - this makes tinting them difficult. They usually are the flattest finish available in any given paint.

I won't use Behr paint for anything, even a dog house, perhaps you have better luck.

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