Sexual Harassment

silverswordOctober 9, 2009

My dd age 7 got a phone message yesterday from a girl in her class. The girl was giggling and said "my mom wants to have sex with you" among other things. The second message said "my brother wants to have sex with you".

I saved both messages. I have a call in to the principal this morning requesting a meeting with him and my dd's teacher ASAP.

I'm afraid this child may be sexually abused. I don't know how old her brother is, or if he goes to my daughter's school, but that scares me too.

Any advice on how to handle this?

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You did the right thing, calling the principal.

It could be nothing, children get their ideas from all over the place, but it does leave us to wonder where she really got them from.

Is there a police officer you could also ask about this issue, sexually harassing phone calls among children. I am not a mother yet, but would not want my child to be on the receiving end of such calls. And at seven, no way!!

The child may not be sexually abused, just exposed to adult situations and adult conversations. Still this needs to be checked on a nipped!

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Let's not go ballistic as a first response. Certainly cause for concern -- but not leaps. Call the parents, disclose and discuss. Don't go further unless inappropriate response there. Children of this age do all kinds of dumb stuff. Always have.

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