throwing up and high fever

momma_bearOctober 14, 2009

okay my daughter is 7yrs old and she was fine all day yesterday but late last night and then right through the night she started throwing up and has a high fever i'm going to take her to the doctors today at three her father thinks it something serious or gastroenteritis but she doesn't have diarrhea so i just wants some advise i'm a single mom and just a little worried about her when she gets sick like this throwing up and having a very high fever

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If you can get your daughter to take liquids that would be a really good thing. You don't want her to dehydrate. Do you have Gatorade or Pedialite?
Swab her forehead with a cool damp cloth.
Relax a bit, take care of yourself, you'll be no good if you're down with the illness too.
It's a good thing that you're able to get her into the drs. office... at least you'll have a diagnosis and a plan.
Try not to worry too much. ((momma-bear))

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How can you not take your child to the doctor when she is ill. I took mine regardless how serious it was to be sure and to know I was doing the best for my child. A child here died of swine flu because the parents didn't take it to the doctor. It's fingers were even blue and they ignored that.

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She already had an appointment to take her daughter to the doctor, at 3PM Wednesday. She just doesn't use punctuation or capital letters, so it's a little hard to follow the long sentence.

I hope your daughter is feeling better now.

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well maime,i dont take my children to the doctors with every sniffle,cough or sick bug,I have three kids and i know myself when its time to take them to the doctors.Over here we are advised not to go to see the doctor if we think we have swine flue unless you are elderly,pregnant or a baby.

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The advice here is good. Make sure she is comfortable. My daughter age 7 got sick recently, I called the doctor with her symptoms to ask if he 1)thought it was swine flu and 2) what he wanted me to do. He said, "can she breathe, is she eating/drinking, is she going to the bathroom, is her temperature under 102, is she alert". Then he asked us NOT to come in unless something changed. Sure enough, things started getting better in the next few days.

I don't take my daughter in to the doctor for every little thing either.

I don't know where you are, but there is a throw-up/fever going around here in San Diego. My doctor says just keep hydrated and keep comfortable.

Best wishes to you and your little one. It's scary being a mom, but it sounds like you are doing a great job :)

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I've never heard of being told not to go to the doctor with any kind of flu. My friends husband didn't go and when he got really scared and went it was to late.

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Maime, what does your doctor do to treat the flu? As far as I know, for general cases, all that can be done are:

1. Fluids
2. Rest
3. Food

Even OTC fever reducers should be used sparingly because a low fever helps to fight the infection. All I would be doing by taking my daughter in would be to potentially spread the flu around to other people.

Here's what the CDC says about treating the flu.

Notice they say to stay home, avoid contact with others except to get medical care. The CDC says that unless you are prone to complications you do not need to see the doctor for the flu. Most people with the 2009 H1N1 did not need medical care and the same is true of the seasonal flu.

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my thoughts exactly silversword,its absolutly uneecessary to go to the doctors with flu,and anyway when i have the flu i dont want to go through the door, never mind sitting in a doctors surgery for ages

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Hi Tracy,
Where are you? I'm in California (which has one of the highest rates of swine flu) and the advice is the same. Don't go out if you have the flu, even to go to the doctor UNLESS you have one or more of these issues: complications/compromised immunity/very old/very young/pregnant.

I wouldn't even have called my Dr. about my daughters flu except that it had similarities to swine flu and I wanted him to know just in case.

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I have taken to faxing our caregivers when something happens. I can share as much information on a piece of paper as I want, and ask all the questions I want, without the info being shortened/compromised by the receptionist/rocket scientist who answers the phones in the doctor's offices. The doctor can then review the info at leisure and see the big picture I am describing.

- Current symptoms and how long they have lasted
- What I am doing about it
- What has to happen/not happen for me to call - if symptoms last X amount of time, or things change, etc.

I've also talked one doctor (pediatric dentist) into sharing his office email - I sent in a picture of my kid's tooth when I had a question. It was a great starting point!

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Hi silversword,Im in stoke on trent in england,swine flu isnt no where near as high over here YET as where you are.The advice looks like it is the same everywhere,it is a worry though ,its nearly impossible to tell the difference with normal flu to swine flu.thankfully my kids havnt had flu yet,lots of colds and bugs but not flu

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I've known three or four adults personally with confirmed cases. All said it was like a bad case of flu. All recovered within a week. I've known two children (one age 3, one age 5) and they both recovered within a week. Have heard of friends of friends with similar results.

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