Teen Whisperer: Teens and Youth who need help

bnicebkindOctober 18, 2007

THE TEEN WHISPERER...I came upon a book titled: "The Teen Whisperer" by Gary Brozek. The book is about Mike Linderman who is a teen therapist, unlike any other. He counsels some of the country's most troubled teens, and helps to heal relationships with their families. More than just a plan to rein in bad behavior, The teen Whisperer deconstructs the emotional barriers that adolescence has placed between you and your child.

I know zero about this book, but noticed it while walking past the book isle at Target.

This therapist is also a cowboy on a Montana ranch.

Anyway, I thought I would mention it in case you know anyone who is desperate for help, and does not know where to turn. Perhaps it will help someone.

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This is interesting. I'll look for it. It often seems to me that people with troubled teens want to dump all the blame on their teens and never look at themselves for any part in the problem.

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