Soaking Meat in Salt Water B4 Pressure Cooking

mxyplxOctober 28, 2011

I like beef heart. I like pressure cooked meat because it is tender. My pressure cooker book says - and I quote - "Remove skin and soak in cold salt water for 15 minutes".

Well! Why in h*ll should I soak the skin?

Anyway presumably they mean soak the skun heart and just how much salt should I use? Also just what does this accomplish?

After browning the heart it says salt and pepper to taste. Well how do you judge that after soaking the stupid thing in salt water?

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I interpret that as "Remove the skin from the heart and discard. Soak heart in cold salt water for 15 minutes." Basically you are brining it but not for very long.

I am not an expert on brining as it is something I rarely do because I often cook for a heart patient who can't have extra sodium. The link will explain the benefits of brining and offers a "recipe" for the solution. Their recipe includes suger which I'm sure can simply be left out.

Here is a link that might be useful: CI brining PDF

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I would think the salt water also draws out excess blood in the meat of the heart, as salting koshers meat by drawing out the blood.

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Well that was quite interesting. Thankyou for that link.

They claim Beef usually contains enough fat that brining is ineffective or uneccessary. In the case of the beef heart my understanding is that it is one of the least fatty of all meats or contains the least saturated fat. Therefore it would seem brining would be effective for this particular beef cut. Presumably then that is why my book recommended it. It's the only recipe in the book that does.

My OP was submitted as the heart was cooking. I ate about 1-1/2 lbs of that beef heart last night and am a bit fed up on it.

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