Selling Weedy Acres...staging the master suite

weedyacresFebruary 13, 2012

Alright, time for the big kahuna. This is a L-O-N-G room (25'), so even my substantial sized furniture doesn't fill it up. I think I need something on the empty wall (on the right as you walk in the room). And I'm much more open to cozy-ing this one up with accessories and art, since it's the master and needs to say "wow!"

View upon entry. Sitting area with great view directly ahead.

View from a few feet in, from one of the short walls, looking towards bathroom.

View from the bathroom door.

Entrance to the sitting room. There's a plant behind the chair. I thought about leaving out Mr. Weedy's binoculars (he uses them for beaver-watching). :-)

Master bath from the bedroom door

And from the far end by the window

From between the sink and tub: view of door to toilet room, makeup vanity, mirrored door to his closet (6'x12') which goes on to her closet (12'x12'). I need to create some sort of tablescape on the vanity, where I usually just have a radio and bottle of lotion. Suggestions?

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One of the simplest staging tricks is adding living plants. You could put a large palm in the corner where your blank wall meets the window wall and a small pot of miniature roses or ivy on your dressing table. No need to do much; just bring a little life and greenery to the neutral palette.

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I think the master bedroom says wow with its size and view. Maybe you don't have to put anything there.

Unless you have a supply of free furniture available to you, I wouldn't go any further with this room because there will not be a return on your investment.

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Wow.....wonderful space and view....but get some color going in there!
Put the jewelry box away and put a small vase with a silk arrangement there and perhaps a candlestick.
Get some towels that are not white or beige, a bowl of unwrapped soaps, a couple of plants, a group of well chosen magazines in the sitting room.
Frankly it all looks so cold and bare to me I can almost hear it echo!
But it's a fabulous space, with great accoutrements in the bath.....and that sitting room could be so cozy and inviting.
Make it look like you are inviting people to enter and make themselves comfortable.

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Beautiful space! I agree a few plants and some art over the bed would add some color and warmth.

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I love the bare, clean and sophisticated look of this space.

I wouldn't add much except for some green plants. Green was my first thought, just like the comments above. Add a few LARGE plants. You have a LARGE space - small stuff would look ridiculous. I wouldn't add any furniture at all. Maybe a large, colorful framed print or two, and a couple of thick, rich-looking bath towels in a solid color. That's all.

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I think the proportions would be cozier if the lamps on the bedside tables were a bit taller...perhaps propped up on a stack of hardcover books.

I would add some books or magazine....or a musical instrument to the reading nook. Also maybe add a throw on the chair to introduce some color.

For the bath itself, I think that some color would perk it up. A nice royal navy would complement the bedding and tan walls. I think white or tan is too neutral. Pink too feminine. So that's why I went with the blue.

I think that I would add a small vase with a single flower on one of the bedtables.

You want potential buyers to feel like its going to be relaxing and fun to get ready to go out in the space.

On the dressing area vanity, you might do a fashion magazine, a small dish or tray with a few bottles of nail polish,

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I agree that it looks pretty nice as it is right now. What I'd do is cozy up the sitting area--I think that's a big selling feature and right now it looks a little bland.

Add a side table with a few books and maybe a coffee mug or teacup. Put a throw with some color over the chair. Make it look like someone was curled up reading and sipping coffee. Take the plant out from behind the chair and put it near the windows to add color and life to the space that's visible when you glance in, not just when you are all the way into the room--many lookers will just glance in, but not enter. Put the binoculars on one of the little benches, along with a birding book or a book on beavers. Or a basket of knitting.

It just needs finishing touches. Like the rest of your house that we've seen, this space is clean and tidy and uncluttered, which is really important. Adding a few little touches is really the icing on the cake.

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I think a couple of plants and at least a few pieces of art with color would help cozy up the room. I think an area rug and window treatments would make a huge impact as well. I am not sure how much you want to do, but these things are what have hugely transformed my home.

Lovely space and view!!!!!!

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For those of you proposing color, what would you suggest? What would make you say "Ahhhh, I never want to leave"?

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Well....for one thing green grass out the window....but......
Green and coral....pick that color of the tile in the bathroom and make it a bit brighter....and add some grass green...a soft grasss green. Not an avocado or sage.

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No, no, no, don't paint the walls. You are staging, not decorating.

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For pops of color -- try fresh spring greens .... maybe a faux silk fern or two. Easy for upkeep.

Yes -- add a book by the bedside (not necessarily under the lamps but more for ambience)

Yes -- add a small side table and a small lamp and a stack of books to the sitting area. Instant cozy!

Add a tall thin lamp to the vanity table -- and a silver-colored tray or bowl.

Add a tall thin lamp (yes get a pair of buffet lamps and split them up) to the dresser by the jewelery box.

Place a silk orchid by the gorgeous bathtub.

Don't worry about artworks -- the room itself is just wonderful!

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I'm not sure about this one, but I'm thinking moving the bed to the opposite wall where it is facing the windows might allow the windows and the views out those as well to show off better. You want to sell people on the house and its features not the bed and this way when you walk in that will be more your focus.

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I wouldn't change a thing in the bathroom. In the bedroom, I'd propose moving the dresser & mirror to the wall perpendicular to where it currently is (the wall just to the right of the entry to the sitting room). The current location seems to put it in the traffic path coming into the room, which could make the room seem less spacious than it is.

It looks very sterile, but I think that's more because there's no art or accessories, vs. the neutral colors. I think the neutral scheme is good for a house on the market. But if you have some spare art (ideally fairly generic), I'd suggest hanging one or two pieces in each room. When a friend listed her house, which had a lot of 'bare' rooms, her realtor used art & a few accessories to add some interest. Plants and fresh flowers would also work, but require more maintenance depending on the length of time the house is on the market.

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laura mcleod

What a great space! Totally agree with the live plants. I can see a huge lush fern in the bathroom, a large ficus in the beaver watching room, and a silk orchid on the dressing table. I would not add a lot of things, just a few larger items to add texture and interest. Good luck!!

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If you move the dresser to that black wall, you could take the two stools and position them like a bench at the end of the bed. Otherwise, I would put them together on that black wall and have the chair facing into the the room but positioned to one side so a person could look out at the view. If you don't' have a side table, position a stack of books to serve as the side table. If you knit and have a basket and some yarn, what a lovely place to park it!

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I would move the bed to the wall where the dresser with mirror is, and move the dresser to where the bed is. It would give you better flow, and would also give you a more attractive view when you wake up in the morning. I would also move the couch in the sitting room to the opposite wall, underneath the shorter windows, also to take advantage of the view. Now it blocks those long windows, so having it on a wall where the windows are shorter seems to make more sense. Put the plant where it can be seen when you enter the room.

And yes, to all the other tips about adding some personality and life to the space, with books, plants, magazines, a bowl or vase, a colorful throw on the couch, towels with clear colors in the bath, etc.

You also might consider removing the bedskirt from the bed, and letting those lovely wood side bed panels show, by tucking the comforter down behind the bed panels.

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Sophie Wheeler

You've got neutral and uncluttered down pat. Now add back in some texture and life with some inexpensive fabric staging touches.

Add in some green towels,

green pillows,

some green fabric over cheap stretcher bars as "art" (above the bed especially)

and a few inexpensive green accented rugs in the sitting area and by the bed.

You want the green to be a bright, but not lime bright green. Just "natural spring green" and soothing. See if you can find a tray at a thrift store and maybe an old hand mirror/hair brush set for the tray with a pretty atomizer perfume bottle in green.

For the bath, some type of urn/cannister container for bath salts by the tub in green

with the green towels rolled in a basket or stacked with a ribbon tie like this. Put some green can candles on a silver or mirror tray to get the reflection of light.

Green is a "life" color, and will give the room some soothing and pleasing zing without being over the top. Doing the touches all in fabric will leave the neutral as the big statement, but allows the viewer to see that just a few small changes to their favorite color in towels or pillows will make the space their own> It looks "move in ready" without being "builder beige blah".

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