Chalk paint project salvageable?

ariadne3May 25, 2014

This was my first time using chalk paint and I have to say I'm pretty bummed at how it turned out. This is after three coats and a top coat to seal (American Paint Company products). Now the question is, after all the time, work, and money, do I leave it as is? Give up the smooth look and go for a distressed look so the white bleeds through "on purpose?" Paint another color over and distress that so the blue shows through? I'm willing to put some more work into it, but probably not completely start over.

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There are some posters on the Home Decorating forum with experience in chalk paint.

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What exactly were you trying to do in the first place?
No matter what they say, chalk paint's purpose is to be easily antiqued and/or sanded to show other base colors.

If you're looking for smooth, you would probably need another coat of paint. Clear wax it, then 220 grit sand it. Once that's done, put your hand in a paper bag and rub it all over the piece. It smooths out tiny imperfections. You could either wax it again or clear coat it.

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