A Ceiling color that flows with the wall color..

Jedward99May 1, 2012

I am trying to find a ceiling color that is lighter then Benjamin Moore's Wheeling Neutral HC-92 (my wall color). I know BM Carrington Beige HC-93 on the same card is lighter, but I have read and that I couldn't just go two blocks up on any paint strip...the colors were related, but they wouldn't have worked together. So the next color up is not necessarily a directly lighter version, even if it looks that way on the card?? I also don't like the idea of taking the same wall color and making it lighter. I would like to see a flow from the wall color to the ceiling. So what what be a perfect pair to go with Wheeling Neutral? And are undertones supposed to match the wall color? Should it stay in the warm or cool family?(not sure if wheeling neutral is cool or warm, but I would like to keep it in the same family).

Also if need be, can I lighten or darken the color without ruining undertones and such??

Thank you in advance for any help on this. I have been trying to figure this out on my own and it is much harder then it seems. So I appreciate any advice and suggestions and I am open to all.

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Try posting this on the Home Decorating forum. There are several color experts over there.

The HC color strips are not lighter and darker versions of the same base color. In fact, Funcolors, who in my mind is THE EXPERT on color here, wrote recently that the entire Classic Colors fan deck (with has the HC colors at the back) is the same way.

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graywings thank you. I will head over there and post this.
It is such a bummer knowing that they may not work well together. I am trying to get as much as my brain can absorb just so I can choose a correct color for the ceiling. Considering undertones, warm/cool, furniture etc., makes it a lot tougher!

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