DS and voice breaking, advice please.

popi_gwOctober 28, 2006

Hi there

How long does the process of voice breaking take ?

Is it gradual or does it just happen overnight ?

My son has had a croaky voice for a few months now, he is 14, and I thought it was just the change to his voice box. But now I am beginning to wonder, he finds it hard to speak out load, without sounding all croaky.

I would be interested to hear from others about voice breaking.

Thanks people.


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I think it took DS about a year for his voice to completely change. He would sound like a girl for one word then a guy with a really deep voice the next. We tried not to laugh, but it was so comical sometimes. He loved it though when people finally stopped thinking he was his sisters on the phone!!!


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With my older son, it was almost instant and seamless -- almost no comedy. One day, it just happened... My younger son is starting to croak.

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My son went from high pitched to low fairly quickly too. Before it happened his voice was higher than his sister's, she has a low husky voice, think Demi Moore. He could make it low when he worked at it like when answering the phone but until it changed completely, he would go back and forth between high and low.

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Light bulb moment!

My older son is very self-conscious. I'm betting that his voice actually WAS breaking, and that it just coincided with his "mumbling too quietly to be heard phase!" It's easy to keep your voice low and talk in a quiet mumble, and I bet he mumbled quietly to control/avoid the breaking.

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Thanks, I enjoyed reading about your "voice breaking" experiences.

I have it all at the moment, the mumbling, the highs, and the very lows, it must be rather annoying for my DS.

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I'd love to ask my son about this. I bet he would remember it differently. But I can only recall a couple of very minor "breaks" when his voice would suddenly become falsetto. It was over in a flash.

He might tell you it lasted forever.

The main thing is to let the poor kid know what is happening and then be as discreet as you can bout the laughter.

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