Another Child Furniture Question

michie1October 16, 2002

I am hoping to find a nice comfy chair for my daughter (15 mos.) that won't clash with my furniture. I've seen some designers sites & stores that have child sized livingroom style chairs, perfect for watching TV in, but their prices are insane at about $200. A few years ago I purchased a recliner for my niece for under $30 at Mace's but I haven't seen anything similar these days? Any idea where I might be able to find something like this?

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Child sized furniture tends to be more expensive because it's 'specialized' and probably doesn't sell as well as adult-sized product runs for companies. One side effect of that is that local craftspeople, and woodworkers can often custom make child furniture at competitive prices for you. That's a reasonable option if you really know the kind of thing you want, but cannot find it-- just call around locally to see if anyone can and will make it, within your bugetary contraints (or with special woods or something).

It's a lot like finding good adult furniture which doesn't clash and which is to a person's taste. It's always a challenge. Child-sized furniture is even more of a challenge.

In a pinch, especially for 1-3 year olds who might enjoy their own spot, there are sometimes plush animal seats/props that young children like. I did find a site that purports to make and sell some child rocker-type furniture in little couch and chair form (with ottomans) from the people. It's still relatively expensive for something a very young child might not even want to sit in.

Recliners, or other furniture which can move can also pinch little fingers or cause other unpredicted injuries. My guess is that that kind of potential for problems also works to keep a lot of forms of furniture from being made in child sizes.

P.S. If you can find anything that isn't too bad, you can make slip covers (or have them made) or seat pads from fabrics you prefer-- or in colours the child seems to like better.

P.P.S. The larger mart type stores sometimes have flip furniture which forms a kind of large comfy chair. These are foam, so they may be too puffy for younger infants, but they might make nice toddler and child chairs. They are foam slab based and fold to form a chair or unfold to form a kind of futon/bed. These usually come in adult and in child sizes.

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Have you tried Wal-Mart? Back with the Power Wheels and other big toys they have kid recliners. They won't be designer or anything but should be pretty cheap and fit what you're looking for. I don't think you would want to spend a whole lot on a chair that she's going to grow out of in a few years so yes, $200 is outrageous.


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No I haven't tried Walmart - great idea. I'll check it out. This wknd I saw an outdoor truck that sells furniture & they have kiddie recliners for $60, although I'd prefer getting it at a real store.



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