Recommendation for Deck Stains, Please

WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8aFebruary 18, 2014

The young gentleman who stained my new deck 2 years ago, told me that when he stained it 2 years from then, he was going to charge me a whole lot more money. Well, it is nearly time to restain. I, nor my daughter or granddaughters know anything about which stains are good ones, and they want to stain the deck for me. I posted a similar question on the Porches and Decks Forum, but have not received a response. If possible, would you mind letting me know what your experiences and recommendations are?

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Staining a deck is very easy. Clean it first. If you use a power washer, be careful and don't blast the wood or you'll ruin it (the ruin will show up about a year later in the form of warped, splintery boards). Get a garden sprayer and just put the stain in the sprayer and have at it. Follow the directions on the can.

I use a clear water repellent on my deck. I used Wolman two years ago, but I'm going to switch to Olympic this year because I read it's the best stain somewhere I considered very reliable (can't remember where, though).

Good luck!

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We had our new deck stained last year by a professional staining company...I'm not sure what brand they used but just went with their recommendation of a clear stain.....well, it is orange! It's softened some in the last year, but I still don't like it. So, maybe test it in an inconspicuous area if you go with clear. When I have it done next time I will definitely pick something different so I don't end up with orange again!

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I used the Olympic semi-transparent stuff last year. It was pretty simple. I like using a foam brush, but my deck was small. Prep work involved cleaning with a deck cleaner and a brush and lots of water- and actually did a pretty good job.

It was kinda nice to do a painting/staining project that didn't require a whole ton of precision. Drips just ended up on the grass or hidden cement under the deck, and the house was easy enough to protect.

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At my former townhouse I used Sherwin-Williams Deckscapes semi-transparent. It was a nice cedar color.

Our deck here was painted, so we use porch and floor paint. that holds up pretty well.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Thanks to all of you. I have saved this string to be able to quickly find again.

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