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JeanInWaOctober 19, 2003

My 21 year old son who is in the Navy just got his NIPPLES PIERCED!!! He's stationed in California, and there's no way for me to bop him on the back of the head as I say..."WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!??!!"

He showed me on his webcam. His dad took one look, groaned and turned away.



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Well, just be glad it is not an ugly tatoo. Piercings can close up and heal when he is older and wiser; tatoos are basically permanent, and get uglier the older the person gets.

There's no explaining young people's tastes. I bet our parents said the same thing.

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My niece wanted cartilege piercing in the upper ear. Her mom said no. Niece turned 18, and went out and did it without permission. Came home and kind of got cocky with her mom. "I'm eighteen now. I can do it if I want to."

Three days later, an infection was raging. Niece was complaining to her mom and asking for help. Mom said, "You're eighteen now. Go take yourself to the doctor and pay for the antibiotics yourself."

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my son is 27 and started getting tatoos on his back about 6 years ago. needless to say, i was mortified. he is a body builder/boxer and i didnt speak to him for 3 days after i saw the first one. he only has them on his back and chest, fortunately, (am i making excuses?) they are not where you can see unless he has his shirt off. i was sick about it for a long time. but i see the tatoos and piercings in the younger age group now and i really struggle with understanding it. i have a hard time carrying on a conversation and looking someone in the eye who has their eyebrow pierced.

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Okay I have a different take on these things...not that I like some of them (tatoo's, piercings, etc), but It's not what is on the outside that matters, it's what I've instilled on the inside. If I can see that in all they do, then what I've always told them when they were little and would talk about how "ugly" someone was...You can't judge a book by its cover...always holds true!

That all said, forking does make me sick to my stomach thinking about it.


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Just be glad it wasn't somewhere else! :)

It is always hard to find your child doing things that you don't agree withÂpiercing, tattooing, etc. At least your son was willing to share it with you and not hide it. That's a plus, right? Just imagine if you found out on your own instead of having him share it forthrightlyÂit would have been so much more shocking. You have an open relationship, which is a good thing, mom. And, he's still young so yep, if he decides he doesn't like these piercings, they can always healÂ

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