is this kitchen to small for this island?

badfish22February 27, 2013

i think so. wife doesn't. what do you all think?

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You should have a least 3 to 4 feet of aisle space between each side of the island. However if you just do not have this much space, then you should consider using a small rolling cart instead. Looks as if you have that space . I did a small island in my current kitchen it has 4 ft on each side holds all my baking stuff and I love it . Adds so much to the kitchen in looks also . I know a lot of builders will do small ones it used to be if it was not a big one they would not do it. That has for sure changed from model homes I go in around here. Also your island might not be small I can not tell so bad with sizes :) But I say if you the required footage to do it go for it.

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Not only is it too small, you can't even stand at the sink and load and unload the DW. Or open the fridge door. And you'll be prepping right on top of the DW, which means that no one can help to load the dirties while you are chopping for the stirfry.

It's a bad layout overall, not just the impossible island (that would also be in the way and you'd have to dance around.).

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Mostly, it is in the way. I'd be bumping my hip every time I went from sink to fridge or sink to stove, or stove to fridge. It is just plain in the way.

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was looking for comments on the island. thanks

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I think what the pros like lwo are telling you is that although you can fit an island in that particular layout, it will be very small (cart sized) and there will be a number of issues.

A larger island might fit, but in a dramatically different and more functional layout.

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No, the island doesn't work. But neither does the rest of the kitchen. The whole thing needs to be redesigned.

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It somehow lacks pleasing proportions, in that the island is not assisting workflow or traffic.

A more square sized island, about the same "footprint" of the range, would seem more proportional to me.

As it appears that the raised counter on the upper tier of the sink outside the kitchen proper is where your counter stool seating would be. So I am assuming an island would be to offer prep space, not seating. If that is the case, then a nice John Boos chopping block would do nicely.

I would add, (though this is not what you asked) that I agree with LWO that the overall layout is one that IMHO could be much improved upon.

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robo (z6a)

With 42" walkways (a bit tight) and assuming your fridge is counter depth, you can squeeze a 2 foot by 3 foot island with no seating. Personal opinion, when they're that small I prefer the look of a cart or table as with fixed cabinetry I find it looks too small and dinky.
This size is a bit under the minimum recommended working size for an island of about 4 x 2.5.

Of more concern is that corner sink with the dishwasher right beside. Pretend the dishwasher door is open: you now can't stand at the sink and load the dishwasher. The fixes are to get sink out of corner or to put a small cabinet in between sink and dishwasher (e.g. 15 inch drawer bank). Is that bar seating all around the outside of the sink area? Would you consider making the sink area more triangular to get the dishwasher on the same plane as the sink?

Here is a link that might be useful: 31 kitchen design rules illustrated

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My island is about the size of a small chest of drawers. That is what it is too, one long more shallow draw at top where I keep all my measuring cups , measuring spoons , garlic press etc. Then two deeper draws that I keep strainers in and pie plates , cake pans , spring form pan . I love it I use it all the time to roll out pizza on , do pie dough , make rolled cookies. I serve on it during holidays. For me in my kitchen it works great.

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ok what else needs to bee changed?

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what do you man by triangle sink. and why do yall say you can't open the fridge. the island is 45 inches.

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Bear in mind the limitations of the cut and paste here, but this separates your zones much better and gives you room for a nice prep zone that interacts with the social zone. Now your refrigerator and your DW can both open, and neither interferes with someone making dinner. A second person can be tossing the used prep utensils into the DW while the first finishes off dinner.

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Your plan is spacious and open, but that can make a cook's job more difficult. I am going to try to explain some of the concerns I would have with your kitchen plan. I know this is a bit long, but bear with me.

Kitchen planning is easier if one divides kitchen chores into
A. Prep.
B. Cleanup
C. Cooking

Here are a few issues that occur to me regarding your plan:

By far the most time is spent in the kitchen is spent on preparation.

Most people choose to prep between the sink and the range. There are also frequent trips to the fridge.
In your plan, sink, fridge, and range are as widely separated as possible.
There is no good area between the sink and the range to prep in your plan. To the right of the sink is the dishwasher, and prepping over a dishwasher can be unpleasant.

One could prep at the island, but would have to walk around the island to get to at least one of the big three: sink, fridge, range.
Many of us strongly recommend a small sink in the prep area and a larger sink in the cleanup area if there is room for both. I think there could be room in your space.

The cook will have to trek nearly 10' across from sink to range to put hot pans in the sink and take water to and from the range. This is highly inconvenient, even dangerous. Imagine carrying 2 or 3 gallons of boiling water that far.

The cleanup sink and dishwasher ideally should be close to dish storage and dining areas. The cleanup sink can do double duty as a prep sink, but often two sinks are much more efficient, especially if there is more than one person working in the kitchen at the same time.
Here, if one person is trying to clean up some of the mess from cooking and prep and another is cooking, access to the sink for the cook is totally blocked by the open dishwasher.

Most people prefer that the cleanup sink be least visible from public areas, since it is where pots and pans and dishes pile up in an unsightly way during cooking.

In your plan, if the dishwasher is open, a person standing at the sink is forced into a narrow triangle and access is either blocked or difficult to parts of the kitchen. Also, it doesn't look as if most storage for dishes, pots and pans, and glassware will be very close to the sink and dishwasher. And finally, it appears that your cleanup sink is in the most public area of the kitchen.

It is best to open a dishwasher and be able to put away frequently used dishes and tableware without moving more than a foot or so. Are there cabinets near the dishwasher that allow this?

I know you asked only if you had room for an island. My personal answer is probably you do. But there are so many more issues in this plan that can be corrected, making for kitchen that will be immensely more functional and pleasant for your family.

In summary:
You might consider posting a graph that shows all dimensions of your kitchen space and also the surrounding rooms (which helps us understand traffic flow patterns--for instance, where are groceries brought in? where is the dining area?) and ask for suggestions for kitchen design.

Please let us know which architectural elements (walls, openings, windows) may possibly be changed.

People here are usually willing to put a surprising amount of time in helping others.

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Excellent Bellsmom

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i agree. thanks to all.

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