A question re Miele ovens on AF

MizLizzieFebruary 27, 2013

I know a few of you recently installed Miele wall ovens. Maybe oldbat2be? Not sure. In any case, I have a chance to get a floor model oven/micro/WD at a steal but they seem to have a bad rep at Garden Web. If anyone has newly installed a Miele, I'd love to hear your thoughts here, or at the Appliance forum where I have a more detailed post.

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I didn't put in a Miele - but was tempted.
I have been following the posts and sounds like the issues have been resolved. (uneven heating was one issue)
Let us know what you decide!

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I might regret it, but I passed on the Miele setup. It was a stone cold bargain. I'm going to stay the course with Elux, which seems beloved by all. Okay, 90%. And keep my micro hidden in a garage hinged cab above it.

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Go for it - I think the Elux ovens are so "sexy" - love the blue interior and the gliding racks
I was ready to splurge on the Elux but went with the Wolf cause I heard the Elux had flaking issues - guess what, so does the Wolf - so far, I am OK.

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