need help choosing primer for peeling paint

sandybeaches50May 16, 2011

Have vinyl wall board (MHome) that was previously painted with a latex semi-gloss paint, but was not primed. It peels off very easily. What kind of primer should I use over this peeling paint and vinyl wallboard to seal it before I can drywall texture over it? I'm just wanting to seal it because my textured drywall will cover all/any imperfections. Do I use Oil based, shellac based or latex primer? Any help/info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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because the wall board is vinyl and not wood I think I would steer clear of the shellac and oil based primers...

I think I would remove any of the peeling pieces... as if they are already peeling its going to be very difficult to stop them... Insul-X makes a couple of primers I have been very impressed with, one of which is AquaLock... I've used this primer on problem areas in the past and it has worked wonderfully... it is a latex primer and you can pick it up at any Benjamin Moore Retailer... if going to a big box store is your only option perhaps look at zinsser's Gardz which is specific for problem areas. I think both cans retail right around $25... and either should work...

DON'T killz it... Kilz is not at all equiped to handle this situation. Best of luck

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting


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Thanks for you help. I'll look at both reccomendations and decide.

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STIX from Insl-X will do well too.

It's another "problem surface" primer. Not the cheapest, close to $40/gal., but very good!


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If you're starting fresh, BIN is a shellac based bonding primer that does work great on vinyl covered wallboard. I used it in my bathroom with great results (even taping over it sooner than I should have and the paint held), and I'll likely use it before my contractor textures our walls just to be on the safe side.

In the case of peeling paint (yikes!), I think christophern had the right idea:
"GARDZ Problem Surface Sealer is a unique water-base sealer for porous and potential problem surfaces. It is formulated to deeply penetrate and dry to a hard, moisture resistant film that seals and binds down porous, chalky and crumbling surfaces, paints and texture finishes. GARDZ is recommended for: damaged drywall, new drywall, spackling and joint compound skim coats, plaster, calcimine, uncoated wallpaper, wallcovering adhesive residue, texture paint, popcorn ceilings and builders flat paint."

Zinsser also makes a product called Peel Stop. If you can't find either of these, I'm sure your local hardware store can order it. I wouldn't trust just any primer for a job like that. Since you have two problem surfaces (peeling paint and vinyl wallboard), it might be worth calling Rustoleum/Zinsser to see what they recommend. 877-35-8155

Here is a link that might be useful: Zinsser Primers

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