in search for husky pants

slnj12September 24, 2005

Summer is over and now I must find long pants for my 5 year old son. I'm having a hard time finding husky pants with elastics. Everything has zippers / buttons which he will not wear. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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If you don't mind casual, he could wear sweat pants or track pants.

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Have you tried JC Penney or K-Mart? I think they sell the pants without zippers/buttons. I'm not sure about the husky sizes.

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JCPenney and Old Navy both carry husky sizes. Check ebay too.

If a store in your area carries the Healthtex brand, they make elastic waist jeans for kids - and they last forever!

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Target and Gap sell pants that have comfortable adjustable waist bands. The ones at Target are levi's and are very comfortable. My daughter and nephew are both hard to fit and these pants really help.

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