sarahsmomSeptember 9, 2008


Today was a big day.. I was actually able to start filming this incredible piece. I worked with a woman on LI who is estranged from her daughter. She writes:

"today I was Elizabeth's first subject for taping and I found it to be a very worthwhile experience-a little "out of the box" for me, but easier to do than I thought. For any of you that have thought about it I want you to know that there was nothing personal or specific mentioned-that Elizabeth gently guided me with her questions but allowed me to tell my story, present my perspective and opinions in a way that was very comfortable and relaxed. At the end, when we were done taping and just talking I said that in my younger days I was a member of women's strike for Peace, I was an activist in the feminist movement and involved with Planned Parenthood as well. Each time I went to a rally or circulated a petition I really didn't know if it would have an impact-but I wanted to add my small voice to issues that I felt were important.

Well, that is what I felt I did today-I do not know what the answers are to stem the tide of this phenomenon, and I may not see a return to better values in my lifetime-where basic respect and appreciation of one's parents and family is more the norm-but at least I feel that I let my voice be heard.

I have moved well past the stage of blaming myself, apologizing for who I am and how I lived my life. I know that as a person and as a mother I always tried to do my best and the treatment that I have received from my ED is unacceptable."

I am so pleased.. if any of you are willing to participate, I promise you the same experience.. I need your help in order to make this work.

Please contact me if you would be willing to try.. I can always leave the film in the camera if you change your mind.

Thanks again for your support..

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I am glad you have reached a point of peace. I am one of the lucky ones who has done that without help. I wish things were different with my kids, but I don't waste a minute worrying about it, have moved on and am enjoying my life.

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I am so glad you got to start filming! I think this will be healing for so many of us, and I am sure for many women who think they are alone in their suffering.... I hope we all begin to heal...I feel this is the road and the walk is meant to be together.

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Thank you! I filmed someone else today and it was great.. such beautiful women that deserve nothing but healing...

If there is anyone else willing to step up.. please let me know.. just to allay any fears.. there are no names mentioned and frankly not a lot of personal details are shared.. really more questions about the "big" picture of estrangement..what it does to families, what are our children teaching their children.. why would a child not want to have a relationship with people that have done nothing but love them and provide with their heart and soul.. that's not to say that we have done it perfectly, in fact, on camera, we have discussed what might have been our roles in this situation.
Anyway.. I hope others will contact me.. I think those that have spoken so far have felt that it was a positive experience.

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