School security going too far

dirtboysdadSeptember 28, 2007

Once again, dirtboysmom here.

I just watched a tv news segment about a school system in NY state which does not allow students to carry backpacks or purses during the school day for "security" reasons

Apparently, earlier this week a girl carrying purses was pulled out of class and questioned a school security guard about whether or not they she was having her period, in which case she would be allowed to carry a purse to class.

This is absolutely ridiculous, making young women advertise the fact that they are having their period by allowing them to carry purses only during that time of the month.

I applaud the students who started a protest against this invasion of privacy.

I have truly begun to fear for our country and our childlren's future as we have gone totally overboard in attempts to keep everyone safe from everything: RealID, shoes off at airports, etc., etc., etc. It can't be done. Let's spend our money on providing health care to those without insurance. And now I will climb down off my soapbox.

Here is a link that might be useful: News story

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No BACKPACKS at SCHOOL!? Uh, what are they supposed to CARRY THEIR BOOKS, HOMEWORK AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES IN???Perhaps we could go back to the 1800's and carry our supplies over our backs with a big fat rope? Oh no, then the kids would be accused of attempting or planning a lynching. Maybe bandanas? My grandfather used to wrap his sanwiches in those. No, it would start a gang war.

Incidently, I think it was the same channel that I saw another program on almost 2 weeks ago... Also about back-packs, except it was announcing that some very smart man had INVENTED BACK PACKS MADE OF KEVLAR FOR PROTECTION AGAINST ALL THE FLYING BULLETS going on in schools today be it crazy lunes trying to take over the elementary or the high schoolers gone mad against each other. (Did anyine stop to think that maybe all of those scenerios is b/c our government's gone wild/"overboard" and it's affecting us all?

No PURSES!? What are girls supposed to do; "All female students come to the office and please give official registry regarding your time of month" Then they give all female students a REAL SCHOOL ID to wear at all times so that school security can scan them and check whether or not they're in code per their 'legally monthly-alloted apparel'???

Hell YES we've gone "too far" as a nation and society. Guess what people... WE... ARE THE NATION AND SOCIETY! And if we don't stand up against this we will SOON find that it's TOO LATE.

So many of us think that we "can't do anything about it" or we're too busy to, or "someone else will"...

No, the day is already upon us... Indeed approaching dawn... It is time to ACT.

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My son wasn't allowed to carry a backpack all through middle school for security reasons. And he had exactly 7 minutes to get from class to locker to next class, with detentions for each tardy. Horribly restrictive and punitive, and the kids hated it! And this was a safe school! (Would have been without the ridiculous backpack regulations.)

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Oh, GloryGirl, you and I could go far together!

I saw the same kevlar backpack segment as you and you're right, it's the government trying and most unfortunately succeeding to instill fear into the general population.

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If a child is determined to shoot up the school he will do it no matter what. I think people in authority are all scared of being sued.

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My son was watching the Simpsons, this morning. In one scene was your founding fathers drawing up the constitution. When they came to the point about "the right to bear arms", apparently it was meant to read "the right to have bear arms". As in to have arms like a bear.


Perhaps if that had happened you would not be in the situation you are in with students being at risk, at school.


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Ok, so it's ok for the girls to have purses (where they can presumably hide weapons) on the days when they are most likely to use those weapons?? What kind of logic is that?? LOL!

Somewhat similar situation at my son's HIGH school. Yes High school where they are required to wear UNIFORMS. If you can believe that.

On Fridays they are allowed to not wear the uniform shirt but instead wear any shirt that has the school name on it (from sports or clubs or school activities). Now, apparently, it's common practice to wear those shirts on days other than Fridays, no one complained in the past. But one day at the beginning of this year they decided to have a crack down and send kids home if they weren't in proper uniform.

Wouldn't ya know it, my son was wearing his theatre tshirt. They sent him home. Explanation: uniform is for safety of students. My question: so it's ok that they're not safe on FRIDAYS??

Problem with people who work in schools, too many of them can't see past the end of their nose. It's all about power and rules instead of being about education.

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