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foodonastumpFebruary 18, 2013

Hi all - I'm not new to GW but new to this forum and will be reading a lot here as I'm about to rush into a back-to-back remodel of kitchen and two baths. The overall theme of each of these projects is to acheive a style neutral, timeless look for my 1960's cape, staying "safe" because I'm likely selling soon. I definitely need to be cost conscious, but not at the expense of cheap looking or feeling materials.

Anyway, right now I'm remodeling the small upstairs bath, 5x9 typical of a cape. The vanity is darker cherry with a white sink, and I'm quite set on glossy white porcelain subway tile. The contractor showed me a job where he broke up the tub walls with a row of harlequin tile - also white - with pencil boarder above and below. I'm pretty set on that look as well. Questions:

1) I just went tile shopping and was shown a slightly wavy tile which I preferred over flat tile, saleswoman described it as looking more hand made. The question is if it's worth over double the price of flat. ($6.94 vs $3.25, and I need about 150 sq ft.) Considerations - the tub walls will already have "interest" and will be behind a shower curtain besides. So where it would most stand out is in the wainscotting. However, that on one side will be largely covered by toilet and vanity, and on the other side with towels and a radiator. Savings of flat tile would allow me to use chair rail above the wainscotting rather than standard bullnose.

2) I want to offset the whiteness of the walls with some color in the floor. I saw some 12x24 slate grey floor tile that I liked but I'm not 100% convinced if the cherry cab will look good with this color combination. In the displays, every single wood vanity was set on tile with brown or tan tones.

TIA for any opinions and advice.

p.s. Yes I'm fairly set on tile wainscotting even though this would be an obvious place to save a few bucks.

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Hey FOAS! I am on the tail end of my remodel stuff for this home - Two bathrooms, skylights, flooring, and etceteras. At my previous home I reno'ed the kitch, all baths and other stuff.

I would start cutting costs now with this first bath if you still have a bath and kitchen to go - AND you want to sell the home. You can get a very sophisticated and expensive look without using expensive materials. So my vote is stick with the flat tile.

The slate gray tile MAY go with the cherry - got any pictures? If you need a place to upload your pix, email me from GW - I hooked my email back up. Send me your phone number while you're at it and I'd be happy to call you too.

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