Donna Sandra disaster

BentleyvilleFebruary 20, 2014

Hello, I just had Donna Sandra installed on my center island and had the edges built up to 2". The slab is 1.25" thick. I am using a designer and told her I wanted to build the edges up and have it look like a single thick piece of stone. She said "no problem, its done all the time", and relayed the information to the fabricator she uses. What I ended up with was a straight edge, or a stacked edge, with a very visible seam. It looks nothing like one piece of stone. Pictures attached.

In researching stone edges it is very apparent to me that only way to achieve this look is with a mitred edge especially with such a light colored rock. I told my designer that choosing that edge was a mistake and her answer was that "it usually doesn't look like that".

Am I being crazy or do I have a real beef with my designer. Is there anything I can do at this point outside of starting over. What are my options? I couldn't be more upset.

Thank you!

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That definitely needed to be a mitered edge. I'm very surprised that your KD and fabricator did not know that's what you meant.

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Not familiar with Donna Sandra, is it a granite? Whatever it is, it's nice.

If fabricator came thru KD, and communicated directly with fabricator, I'd ask KD what is she/he going to do to rectify the situation and then shut my mouth and wait for her to say 'I'll take care of it, no problem'.

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That's such a shame. Of course you should be very upset and shocked anyone would think that was acceptable. Do what Mags suggests. Your designer needs to take care of handling this. It looks ridiculous and I'm sure you paid a small fortune for it.

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Back in my store fixture manufacturing days we built very large cabinets called backislands for high-end retailers like Saks and Bloomingdales. (You're at the showcase, the clerk is behind it, and the backisland is behind her.)

We did a thing called a "quirk" which was a 1/8" line routed into the plastic laminate covering the backisland and painted black at just below eye level. It looked great.

I'm not suggesting a painted black line in your top is the solution, but you did ask "Is there anything I can do at this point outside of starting over.?"

Find a way to laminate a piece to the edge or inlay something that obscures the seam and makes it look like you planned it that way.

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I'm surprised no one mentioned it, but even for a laminated edge that is not a very good edge. The filler is too thick, the wrong color and the laminated piece is from a completely different area of the stone (And yes, the right way to do a thick edge like you wanted was a mitered edge but even a laminated edge would not look so distinct).

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Since it's on the island they should be able to remove it and take it back to the shop and redo it. We had our island removed and re-polished and reinstalled, not that it made any difference but they were able to do it easily. I hope it works out for you.

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"it usually doesn't look like that"

That sounds just like the designer that I used ... are you in LA by any chance!!! I would not accept this. I hope you have held back some of the payments to the designer, which you can use as leverage.

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The stone looks unbelievable - so pretty! I hope they're able to do something to make it right. I'd demand something be done to make it to your satisfaction.

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I'm not sure I would agree with tre. Why is it a customer responsibility in this situation to find a solution? The kd is more than likely making money (could be wrong) and feeds the fabricator business he/she may not have gotten otherwise. I've been in business for myself and when I referred someone, I also shoulder some of the burden/responsibility (although I didn't make any $$ off referral) if it doesn't go right. Often referrals aren't pulled out of a phone book; there's usually been a working relationship. If you don't want to shoulder any responsibility, then say, I don't know of anyone who can do that. I would never have left a client hanging like that; it's just bad business.

Put it on KD shoulders to find solutions and present to you, which could turn out to all the things that tre mentioned.

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I had my island built up. And here is what it looks like. Almost invisible. You need to complain, as I know the uplift charge was significant. Good luck.

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Beautifully done Carree.

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Beautiful stone! I echo what everyone else says, make them fix it. If your KD is saying "it doesn't usually look like that", she must recognize that they goofed it up. If all the communication with the fabricator was through her, she has a responsibility to make them fix it.

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Mags, Donna Sandra is another name for Super White or White Fantasy, I believe.

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" Why is it a customer responsibility in this situation to find a solution? "


I never said it was, but the original poster asked for solutions and I offered one. I think the fabricator should pay, but that's not my call.

To get a perfect looking miter, you need the edge pieces to come from the deck so the veining follows over the edge. That is impossible with this piece now.

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I guess you and I interpreted the OP's last paragraph differently. It happens.

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