please tell me if I'm wrong about this one....Kind of Long!

n2bach1September 5, 2007

In a nutshell, here is the situation:

I teach where my son attended school. The yrbooks just came out from last year and his professional senior picture is not in it. Instead a dorky one of him is! Granted, he smiled that way, and several of the kids did also, because they knew the professional SENIOR picture would be in the book. This snapsot school picture went on the records/files. Anyhway, I've already put it to him first inquiring WHY and How did this happen? He said he gave the real SR. pic to the yrbook sponsor, was not late, she took it, but for some reason 9 months later, this is what appeared. I realize things can get misplaced on a crowded desk,etc., but my my son is NOT a trouble maker and I'm having a hard time wondering why the yrbook sponsor did not mention to me/or him, "by the way, the deadline is coming and I don't have your picture!" I see her EVERYDAY! As a teacher, I can't imagine doing this to a student without giving them a final "heads up." Anyway, I know she'll say she didn't get it, etc., and I'm sure there was some kind of misplacement, etc., like that, but still.....I'm so upset about it and don't know if I should mention it or just forget it!

Hope this hasn't been too complicated or confusing to understand, just trying to get it out in as short way as I can. To all who had the patience and insight to help me out here, thanks.

And I will NOT be offended if you believe I should just "get over it" and move on. Right now, I'm very stunned! So please, give me some objective thoughts on this one!

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I wouldn't like that either. Who knows what happened all those months ago. "Get over it" seems wrong to say. How about "Come to terms with it" or "Make the best of it" or "put it in perspective." It cannot be changed now, anyway. Maybe they can at least refund what you paid for the yearbook, as a gesture of regret for the mistake. If this is the worst thing that happened to your son's senior year, you are a lucky family.

You have the nice pictures from the photographer, those are the ones you'll treasure for yourself, as a mother, more than the yearbook, anyway. I mean, those will be in the frame on the mantle or wherever every day for years. The yearbook picture will be looked a lot for now, but eventually almost never. We have so many pictures of our children/ourselves growing up, the value of the yearbook is the memories of people and times that it brings back later for the student. That won't change despite this error.

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What a disappointment. I think you have every reason to be upset. You and your son deserve an explanation.

You and your son need to talk to the yearbook sponsor and find out why she approved the change without telling your son. Maybe she didn't, maybe some of his "friends" made the change. You paid for those senior pictures, and the understanding is that the one he chose would be in the yearbook. No explanation will undo the damage, but you and your son still deserve one.

When my yearbook came out there were some bad pictures in in and some classmates were missing. When the yearbook supplement came out that summer, with the senior activities and graduation pictures, the corrected pictures were added (with an apology) and pictures missing from the original were also in the supplement. Hopefully, they still do this.

Good luck. And remind your son that there is life after high school and it only gets better.

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