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sorrisoMay 1, 2011

Big request here, prepare yourself...

I will have the services of a family member for about a month. Interior painting is the #1 thing on the list and this family member has never painted before. Since I'll be at work all day plus the fact that I'm not an expert anyways I would appreciate it if someone would write it down for frequent reference. This person is detail-oriented so specificity would be appreciated (i.e. when instructing to clean the surface instruct exactly what is involved in cleaning a surface).

Family member, other folks and I would certainly appreciate your effort. If I'm asking you to reinvent the wheel because it's recently been discussed please direct me to another post. I only searched back through April.

Thank you!

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I don't recall seeing any posts here on basic painting instructions.

There are lots of sites on the internet with basic information. Try a couple of the major paint company sites such as Sherwin Williams.

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