What a difference a light makes!

marcia59February 27, 2013

Many of you probably know this already, but I figured I'd throw it out there anyway.

As part of checking references for a designer, I went and looked at a kitchen she had designed. The kitchen had a backsplash of blue-grey glass tiles. Right off the kitchen was a small room with upper and lower cabs, a counter and the exact same backsplash. When I was there, the kitchen was well lit with natural and incandescent light. The small room didn't have much natural light and the owner turned on the LED UCL to let me see things better.

You would never know that they were the same tiles in both backsplashes! The LED lights totally changed the color of the tile. All the blue disappeared and they looked completely grey. Looking back and forth from one room to another, you would have sworn they were different tile. (They weren't. I asked.)

Now, I know that color changes under different lighting, but this was an astonishing difference.

I've been hanging out in the Kitchen forum for months, so I know perfectly well that LED lights come in different colors and it may well be that different lights (warmer? colder?) would have made the backsplash in the little room look much, much more like the backsplash in the kitchen. I don't know whether the owners liked the effect or the designer didn't know enough to consider the issue. I will definitely be asking her about it.

No doubt some materials and colors change more than others from light to light. But I just wanted to remind people to look at things under the type of lights you will actually have in the kitchen before you make any crucial color choices.

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Yes, I learned this lesson the hard way - after looking at samples in the store and on a chip, and hearing about color choices here and seeing pictures of lovely kitchens with White Dove cabinets, I bought a gallon of BM White Dove paint, all set to do my cabinets and ceiling.

As I posted here, I was horrified to see after doing the ceiling that 'White Dove" looked more like "sickly dirty jaundiced dove" in my kitchen! I bit the bullet and ended up getting another gallon of paint in Simply White, which looks wonderful - white but not harsh/glaring either. I still love White Dove in many kitchens - just didn't work in mine!

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Tinan - Don't scare me like that! The only decision that was easy for me to make was White Dove. If you had changed your light bulbs - would that have made the difference? I'm happy you found what worked for you, I'm just wondering for the rest of us - is it a simple matter of picking the right light source? What is your light source?

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