Wrong color on semi-transparent stain. What can I do???

ThitaMay 21, 2012

My husband and I just washed and stained our deck with the semi-transparent stain (Cabot). It turned out super green than when we tested it even with only one coat. Can we use other color on top of it or do we have to start over from sanding & washing?

We just did it over the weekend but today it's raining and seems to go on through out the week. Our deck is about 10'x 20'. H-e-l-p please...

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If it is dry and you recoat it will probably be like a skating rink. Live with it or strip and apply a new coat.

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Thanks, CaptRandy. Can I just pressure-wash it off or do I need to use the stripper (chemical one), then wash & sand ?

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Probably need a stripper then neutralize it. That is a weird color so I do not know how well it will come out of the wood. Red is the worst to get out. You should not have to sand unless there are small parts that will not come off. Use 80 grit paper minimum nothing finer.

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There's no 100% "right" way to solve this, but I'd be inclined to just let it be, so it can wear-off some until next year!
If you did try and correct it this year, you're going thru a LOT of work in one summer! Especially if you're doing handrails & spindles too...
DON'T put another coat on!
You'll just make the future stripping and/or sanding that much harder.

>>> I'm a fan of sanding stuff out. It preps the wood better, and NO chemicals!


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Thanks both CaptRandy & Faron79. I wish I could post the picture here, CaptRandy. Fortunately, Faron, we haven't done the handrails & spindles yet...

Well, it sounds like we'll have to live with it for now like Faron said. We'll stain the handrails & spindles with the natural brown-ish color which we'll use it for the whole deck next year. Is that a good idea? Since we live in a townhouse community, the HOA may not appreciate the outstanding bright green deck!!

Honestly, I'd prefer no chemical if possible because I have couple of plant boxes & lots of plant pots down below.
Just in case, if we going to sand it, what type of sander should we use/rent?

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Which Cabot semi-trans? Their Deck Stain is not semi-trans. Call their help line and ask them. They have a very good tech. services dept. in Newburyport, MA., or at least they did in 2007.

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