Will I be okay without the window by the sink?

TammyTEFebruary 28, 2013

I have been searching for a long time for a house plan that could work for our family and be within budget. The ones I find that work for everything else seem to all have the kitchen in the middle of the formal dining and nook. (We would use the nook as our main dining and the formal dining as our home school area.) That means the sink wouldn't be at a window.

I have lived in 8 different places over the last 20 years. Of those 8 only 3 of them have had a sink at the window. BUT of those 3 one was a not so lovely view of our shared driveway and the neighbor's siding. Another was an absolutely gorgeous view of the country but I was always at work and didn't use it much. The last one was a country home we rented that had all sorts of plumbing problems so it was not at all enjoyable. LOL

I really LOVE the look of a sink with a nice window above. I know in these plans that the sink will not be facing a wall. That's for sure. So it won't be as bad as the others I have had but this is something I have always dreamed of. Will I regret not finding a plan with the sink by the window?

I know this seems trivial but this is probably our forever home I am thinking of. I stay home with the kids and cook mostly from scratch. I want to love my kitchen!

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Well, how much time do you actually spend standing at the sink? For me, it's not much at all. We don't hand wash dishes, we have a dishwasher - so I maybe stand in front of the sink a few minutes per week.

Whatever works for you, only you will know!

Another suggestion: look for house plans that have a family room to use as your home school area, and then an eat-in kitchen, rather than these "nooks".

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That's a good idea about the family room. What I've been looking for was formal living for a music room so we can close off the noise of the kids practicing throughout the day. Formal dining for school. Then great room or family room for a family room.

Well right now I have only one sink. I use it a LOT. But maybe that's more because of prep time. If my prep sink is in an island then that would make a difference. Good point!

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