Thoughts on this small kitchen layout?

cwalenFebruary 8, 2013

After 4 years we are finally renovating the dated galley kitchen in our 1930's Cape Cod. We can't really add an addition as the lot isn't condusive to it (we sit very far back on our lot and have a tiny backyard). So we are going to remove one whole wall and remove part of another wall between the kitchen and the LR. We have a rather big LR, with the main living area and then a 'nook' as we call it, that is fairly unused. A piano and a bookshelf sit in this very under utilized space.

My problem with the current kitchen are the dated cabinets, laminate surfaces and the old appliances. The major problem, though, is that the kitchen is very closed in. I want to open it up somewhat to the living space and entertaining is a complete nightmare because everyone congregates to my narrow, galley kitchen.

So we'd like to replace cabinets, upgrade to granite, remove tile and refinish the hardwooods underneath to match the rest of the house, and knock out a wall creating - gasp - a peninsula. I want a place where my kiddos (2 and 3) can eat breakfast with me without them being in the sunroom where we have a table setup.

Thoughts on this flow so far?

It is from KD at Lowe's. I want to keep appliances/plumbing where they are to keep costs down.

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I would probably move the dishwasher over to the right of the sink so it is not in the prep area.

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I wouldn't be thrilled with the frig being right across from teh range. Is there enough clearance that if you are cooking and someone wants something from the frig there won't be butt bumping?

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can the back of the fridge wall be removed? that must be the alignment of the whole wall which I see you've taken partially out to push the peninsula run furthur over. but what you are left with is going to feel and look even worse because you "half improved" your layout. so remove fridge from there,put it where range range up where dishwasher is,to the right of window. Place sink over on peninsula and make peninsula longer now without fridge/remaining wall in lower area. Basically a wider galley except the right side is a peninsula if that's the concept you want[the seating will be more substantial].Omit the wrap around up at the window-better to have each side with drawers you can access up at the top positions. Not totally clear exactly what you were talking about with wall removals/etc-maybe show that and the adjacent rooms in basic outline. Do you have any other layouts you were trying,like an L with island? this seems not the best,[yet] because it's half a U kitchen/kind of a peninsula,but not really big enough/and still reminiscent of the galley down at lower part. Do more surgery on your space!

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herb -

VERY interesting suggestions. The reason the fridge mini wall isn't totally coming down/out is because that whole wall is load bearing. So my contractor had suggested keeping part of it intact (to hid the back of the fridge) and beaming across the wall that's coming out as a support. I am truthfully not sure if the whole wall can come out altogether. But of course I can ask how much can be removed.

However you mentioned moving the sink and the DW to the peninsula and putting fridge where range is, and putting range where DW is....which is very interesting. However it will really limit the wall cabinets. Which may not be a bad thing, just need to figure out how many cabinets that leaves me.

I meet with another KD tomorrow at a kitchens only place. I will see what they suggest.

I asked about an island and didn't really think it was possible. BUT if that wall is gone....??

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Forgot to add - the room that is adjoining the kitchen is the LR. So the peninsula will be the area open to the LR. The room off the other doorway is our sunroom, where we have a table for everyday meals. Our formal DR is off the sunroom. It's used maybe 4x a year (now) but I hope that changes as the kids get older.

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you should really outline the rooms in relation to each other---just draw the perimeters at least. That sounds unusual-dining room off sunroom??

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Moving utility lines a short distance (as in your kitchen area) are usually not that difficult or expensive. Get the best layout you can.

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If moving gas line is difficult or expensive (although I think debrak is right, it shouldn't be), maybe consider induction instead. Of course, that would require an electric line.

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I understand what you are trying to do, moving plumbing/electric/gas will add significantly to a kitchen redo. Do you have an idea of your budget?

consider the sacrilegious move of the sink 12" or so to the left (I know it won't be centered under the window) put the dishwasher directly to the right of the sink.

This will separate dirty from prep, and give you more options on your range wall for functional base cabinets (read drawers, drawers, drawers. It will also make for nice sight lines when looking in to the kitchen from the doorways - you will see cabinets instead of a dishwasher.

I have had a tiny kitchen before, and had 9 feet on the sink wall (you have 10.5). I had the sink slightly off center of the window. Nobody ever commented on it, and the house sold in middle of the winter in under 30 days in a very depressed market - it did not devalue my home.

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