FPE Brick row house exterior

acdesignskyMay 12, 2013

It is time to paint the trim on our 5 yo home ( below is a mid construction pic) We are in a neotraditional neighborhood based on historic home styles. Ours is basically a detached row house (24 wide x 80 long). I guess it is sort of Georgian. I am going out on a limb for the front door. It will be Hollandlac Bottle Green. Nervously excited since we are 500 miles from the nearest dealer and/or certified painter. I will buy the Dutch door kit and trust our painter! Any help or advice for us would be appreciated.
The other questions are about how to treat the trim. Should we paint the trim around the door green as well? Our windows are 2 over 2 viny in white. I would love to paint them a mid tone grey brown. Is it advisable to paint vinyl? Can we use the semi gloss for the columns and trim? The trim around the windows are wood. The safest bet is green door, white trim, unpainted windows. Since the house is so simple on the outside, I would love to introduce some personality. I can post current pics with landscaping if that helps.

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I would paint only the door so it stands out from the trim, the white frame will enhance the effect; matching trim would be a sea of green, door would get lost.

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Thanks for your reply. You're probably right about the trim around the door. Do you think I could paint the trim around the door, windows, columns, facia, etc in a slightly darker color like Wooden Shoes FPE leaving the vinyl windows themselves white?

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