would this lamp look good?

massagerocksFebruary 19, 2014

i have a sofa and 3 chairs on order for my family room. The sofa (fabric) and recliner (leather) are grey. The 2 accents chairs (wing back style) are in the fabric below. I'll have an end table between the 2 chairs. I'll need new lamps. I found this one linked below. What do you think?
Would this lamp look nice, or is the idea silly? This compay has many lamps I like with sold grey/champagne colored bases. I'll need one other lamp also. I'd like for them to be different, but what are the rules? Is same height, similar shade style sufficient? thanks.
chair fabric

here is the lamp

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I saved the lamp pic to my photos, as it was so small that design on it can't be seen at all. When I blew it up to 300%, the lamp was so blurred that the design couldn't be seen.

I found it online and have posted a link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Uttermost Pajaro Bronze Drip And Aged Ivory Table Lamp

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I think the lamp is beautiful and it will go with your other items. As for different lamps, they're perfectly acceptable. Will they be on similar tables? I would try to find one within the same height range and a little more intensity of color. Where will the tables be placed makes a difference too.

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Holly- Kay

That is a beautiful lamp and as a bonus it has a three way switch and 150Watt so great as a reading lamp!

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my3dogs: Thank you for fixing my poor link....
Here is a pic of the sofa and the chair. The sofa fabric I chose is a darker grey than the one in the pic and has a little gold it in too. My carpet is similar in color to the pic, but my walls are SW Blonde. This colorway is a complete change from my current furniture, so I'm anxious.
Yaya and Holly-kay: Thanks for your vote of confidence! I'm always second guessing myself. The furniture I have in this room is 15 years old and I have a weird fear of buying new things. My current sofa is burgundy leather and absolutely the most comfortable sofa ever, its just faded and worn but is going to find a new home in our basement for the boys and their huge TV.
My 2 end tables are similar but do not match. Same manf. same wood. The accent chairs will be in front of the picture window, across from the sofa. I wasnt even thinking of the type of light bulb, so thanks for noticing that Holly-kay.
Should the shades be similar in color/material?

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Love that lamp!

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Holly- Kay

Massagerocks, I have the same chairs from Smith Brothers. They are amazing. What is your fabric choice for them?

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wow, that's interesting and good to know! What is your fabric?
Mine is the bird fabric I posted above. I've always had solid fabrics on my furniture, so this was really going out on a limb, so to speak, lol. The lamp will go on the table between the 2 chairs and is why I'm wondering if it'll look great or look too contrived overdoing the bird thing.. What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Holly- Kay

Massage, Wow that is going to look awesome. I love to see design components that echo each other. The colors and design of the lamp is perfect to use with your chairs! I can't wait to see it all together. When I get home I will post a pic of my chairs. I chose a lamp that has a shade that echoes the paisley and colors of the chairs.

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Holly- Kay

Massage here is a pic of the chairs and the lamp. You will love the quality of the Smith Brothers furniture.

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Holly- Kay

It didn't show up. I will try again.

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Thanks for posting the pic of your chairs Holly-Kay. They look gorgeous. I was worried that getting 2 of them would look too bulky but yours look just like what I'm hoping to achieve. How did you find that perfect lamp? The blue glass is beautiful and the shade looks great with your chairs. I love all the pictures you post, you have such a pretty home.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you so much Massage. I saw a beautiful lamp from the artfulhome website on another post. I loved the lamp that was posted so much that I decided to look for other Kinzig lamps. When I saw this one I knew it was the right fit for my chairs.

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I love the shade combined with the chairs. Is that fireplace just for show, or do you use it? Looks like a perfect place to get warm during the long winters!

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