Anyone have fridge, micro,& range same wall?Pics? Cabinet Depth?

jeniferrlynneFebruary 6, 2009

If you have this layout can you post pics?

I would like to do this but with my current appliance garage in the corner I would have to do 2 different cabinet depths. I could house a microwave in an upper and still get in the corner unit/garage if the upper next to garage is shallower (unless I want my micro on the counter somewhere. I need to see what other folks are doing- maybe people aren't doing appliance garages in corners! Hmmmmmm.. Any opinions welcome as we are still working on layout for the cabinet maker.

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I have mine all on one wall, but from what you're describing, I'm not sure it'll help you. Personally, corner appliance garages aren't my favorites. I actually don't like very many corner solutions, so I did away with mine. The ones I like are the ones that run straight to the wall and look like a tall upper sitting on the counter...But with those you can't wrap cabinets around to the adjacent wall.

Anyway, here's my rangetop, microwave, fridge wall. You can see that I did make my microwave cabinet deeper than the rest.

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I have that set-up.
I also have 2 different depths
of cabinets on the same wall.

Appliance area. Uppers 12" deep, except fridge upper, it is 24" deep. Lowers 24" deep.

Cabinets to the right of the appliances are all 12" deep.

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I have a similar set up to caligal.Same measurements of cabs. Can't help you with the appliance garage though, since I don't have one.

From pendant lights

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I do!!! Our fridge is regular depth, not counter depth, but we recessed it into the wall slightly (about an inch), then we pulled forward the cabinetry around the fridge and for the wall oven/microwave cabinets so it all looked seamless. The open shelving to the right of the appliance "wall" are regular depth.

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Here's a side view which shows the shallowness of the open shelving relative to the depth of the appliance cabinetry.

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Ooops, sorry, I didn't read your title correctly. We don't have the range....we have a wall oven, fridge and microwave. Our electric cooktop is on another wall.

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Thanks so much for the pics, they are truly helpful for my meeting next week.
Oh redroze you did give me an idea. I wonder if I could do some sort of appliance garage or something beneath my microwave (where you have your wall oven). Then it could be next to the fridge at that depth and look like one unit! I love all the feedback and like to see people who don't have a perfectly symmetrical cabinet setup. My cabinet guy is most worried about messing up this symmetry around the range/hood area....

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Redroze, I'm looking at doing the same layout with my wall oven and fridge. Did you do anything special to insulate between the two appliances?

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Ehaberlin - Actually, we didn't. It's hard to see but the microwave has a trim kit, so there's quite a bit of room all around it. The wall oven also has some clearance around it and a fan right above the handle...our GC checked and he said it has sufficient clearance too.

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I have them all along the same wall. I had no need for an appliance garage. The only appliance I keep on the counter is my coffee maker. My toaster and toaster oven are in the pantry. And the corner by the window was the best place for the TV. I think the counter runs 17'.

Redroze, love how your MW looks in the trim kit. I finally got around to ordering one the other day -- I've never liked how lost the MW looks in its open shelf.

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Caligal...It looks like you have GE Cafe appliances.

I'm about to start my own kitchen remodel and would like to hear your opinions regarding the Cafe line.



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oofasis: can I ask what kind of slide in range you have? Do you like it in terms of ease of cleaning, size of oven, convection?


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czech chick, I love all my appliances. Actually more and more as I continue to use them. So as not to high-jack this thread, send me an email (click on my name) or start a new thread.

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Cindy, I have a Frigidairre. It works well, consistent oven temps and great BTUs on the range top. It's easy enough to clean but I do regret going with convection. I've never had the convection feature before and when I was shopping for a range, they had a deal going with the same price with/without convection. I've found that the fan takes up room inside the oven and makes some pan arrangements impossible. For everyday cooking it's not an issue, but around the holidays or when entertaining a larger group it's very frustrating (and it's the only oven I have). I could have lived without the convection.

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Mine are sort of on the same wall-- there is a 135 degree angle between the oven stack (Advantium over single oven) and the range/fridge wall. The fridge is a standard depth Samsung FD and we boxed in the 30" deep case. The cabs to the left and right of the range are pulled out 4 1/2 "-- that way the counter, which overhangs the edge of the cabs by 1 1/2 inches, returns into the fridge panel. The cab over the fridge and the pullout pantry to the right are pulled out 6". I used an island mount hood to cover the burners on my Bluestar. The oven stack cabinet did not have to be pulled out because of the angle in the wall.

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morton5.. I've always loved your kitchen. don't mean to hijack, but how are you enjoying the blue star.. and where did you get it...(about to order mine).

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oofasis: what is the model number? Is it the Pro dual fuel? In my shopping for Frigidare slide in it appears with or without the convection the oven grate is the same size and thus the depth is shorter. I am concerned about this but figured with convection I can at least use more than one of the racks--or is that just wishful thinking? Thank you.

By the way, I will also have fridge, range and MCW on the same wall and have opted for the KA CD single door. Right now my kitchen is in the demo stage so no pictures for a while.

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Thanks, Danielle-- I got the Bluestar at Cummins Appliance in Baltimore, and my contractor installed it. I absolutely love my range and it has been trouble-free, but I had a few uneasy nights while it was on order because of the complaints about Bluestar quality and customer service in the Appliance Forum. They are such a small company that I worry they are vulnerable in this economy, particularly if word-of-mouth turns against them. Are you on NG or LP?

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Danielle, if you want to see the Bluestar in action, stop by, neighbor! Just drop me an email.

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We do, although this isn't the best picture of it. If if would be useful to you, let me know and I can try to take a better one.

I'm not sure whether it applies to what the OP is looking to do. We have the microwave at counter height, but built into the cabinetry (it's the black appliance with stainless handle you see just to the left of the column. And we did do varying heights and depths of the cabinetry - it was something DH really liked the look of.

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Thanks for sending all those pics my way. I have found the info really useful in figuring out the best place for my microwave.

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Sorry thought my reply got rejected. Hope to post our solution soon!

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Sorry, no pictures yet but I am going to have all those on one wall and yes, it was a little challenging to figure out where the microwave was going to go! We have an L shaped kitchen with island. The long wall with the appliances meets up perpendicular to a window wall with sink (and an upper on each side of window. There's also a sink on the island, which is parallel to the cooktop.

We considered, but ultimately did away with corner cabinets in favor of uppers that meet in a right angle. Facing the wall we will have (from left to right) a microwave/oven/warming drawer stack, built in fridge, and upper cabinets flanking a hood. Below the hood is a full range. If you are willing to split up your ovens that way it's one way to solve the microwave dilemma. Depending on the type of range this may or may not be a more costly option. Toaster oven will be the only appliance I keep out on the counter. There's another wall across the room where I'll put the coffee "center."

The other option would have been to go with a cooktop instead of a range, double ovens and microwave built in to the island.

PS Not meant to be a hijack, but my dilemma with this particular configuration is what to do about the hood. Even though I really like side pullouts down to the counter, my instinct is that it would chop up the space too much and call attention to the fact that the range is not centered on the run.

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Oh eastcoastmom yours sounds so much like my kitchen. L shaped, Island with sink across from range. We also have a large window on the short wall.
Can't wait to see pics of your cabinets. Right now I am getting a rendering of 2 different cabinet layouts with the microwave in 2 different spots!

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caligal - I can't thank you enough for posting your pic showing a narrow upper and lower cab on left of stove and larger cabs to right of stove. And it looks just fine! I've had arguments with several kitchen cab people and they all want me to move stove more to right to put 'balanced' cabs on either side of stove. If I did that, it would leave only 29" of counter to the sink - not enough room for setting down hot pots and enough space for dish drain.

A picture is worth a thousand words!!! Thanks again and I really like the glass inserts in the uppers.

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