Which to donate--blood or plasma?

beanwabrSeptember 8, 2008

I wasn't sure where to post this at (sorry if it should be somewhere else).

In the past I've donated blood but considering plasma, since I hear you get paid for it. You can only do one or the other. My dh does neither but thinks that if I want to do something, go with the paying one. Any advice? Thanks!

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Depends if you are giving your body or selling it.
Some times and places and for some blood types, they will buy your blood.
I understand that donating blood is less risky ( although the risk is very VERY small) to you than donating plasma where they centrifuge out the cells and return them to you.

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If I understand it right the plasma is taken by a recirculating method of some kind, I think that is why it is a little more risky. I don't mind giving blood, but not plasma.

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Keep in mind that while there is no risk to someone donating whole blood, there is a very real risk of a life threatening reaction from donating plasma. (Hypocalcemia from the sodium citrate)

As for donating vs selling: I've been donating whole blood for about 30 years. I'm an O negative (considered the MOST desirable blood type, as it can be given to anyone), but I am not a candidate for donating plasma. Plasma can be givenmore frequently, but whole blood can be broken down into more products to help more people. I have always felt that as that blood (and life) were freely given to me, so I should also freely give to others. Yes, I know the Red Cross and private blood banks sell blood and blood products, but that doesn't negate my part of the gift.

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I would not donate the plasma, to risky for me and I feel sorry for anyone needing a transfusion because my son's wife sells hers. No telling whats in it. yuck LOL

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Interesting reading. I just gave double red cells this morning and a year ago I gave plasma. I was donating to the Memorial Blood Bank and because I am A negataive they asked if I would do double red cells today. I had/have no side effects. It did feel a little weird when they were putting the blood back into my arm though. I also didn't know there was any risk in giving it in ways other than whole blood. All I thought about was that I was helping to save someone's life.

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This is a very new question.Normally we haven't listen any one donating plasma,all will donate blood only know.

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