Ideas for girl's 13th birthday party needed

Kathy547September 6, 2005

My daughter's birthday is September 15th & I'm looking for ideas for her birthday, to make it special for her since it's her 13th. Last month for her brother's, we went to the lake (he picks that every year). She wants to do that or go skating. I think it'll be alittle too cool for the lake so I'm going with the skating I guess. I would like more ideas of what to do then just go to the skating rink. Also, besides money, what are some things I could get her? She's not really into makeup - & besides, she's not allowed to wear it. I thought I would rent the little "birthday room" at the rink for a couple of hours & then let the kids be at the rink until closing & then I'd go back & pick them up. I haven't made up my mind about that part yet. Does anyone have any ideas?

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My daughter turned 13 this year. We had her bday party at the skating rink and all of the girls invited had a great time. I called the rink and spoke with the manager before scheduling the party. He recommended having the party on a Saturday night because Friday night they are overrun with teenagers and Saturday and Sunday during the day they have a lot of little kids. It turned out just perfect - the rink wasn't very crowded and the girls had a great time.

We decorated the table with plastic purple tablecloths and big butterfly balloons. The rink furnished pizza, soft drinks and ice cream. All I had to furnish was the cake and cake plates/utensils.

We bought my daughter an inexpensive DVD player to go in her room and some of her favorite movies on DVD. She also received (from friends and grandparents) CDs of her favorite artists, a small handheld CD player, clothes and inexpensive jewelry. Since your daughter doesn't wear make up, you might consider a manicure set w/lots of nail polish. My daughter also loves bath products from Bath & Body Works.

Good luck with the party - and welcome to the teenage years!

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