Need to get my mother in my truck

heidihoSeptember 8, 2009

There's a family reunion coming up and I want to take my 85 year old mother. She weighs 265lbs. and I don't know how I'm going to get her into my Ford Escape. She can't pick her legs up more than about 12". I have no running boards and don't know anyone with a small car. The guys in the family tried to pick her up one day to lift her but she said it hurt and she was upset so they quit. I've tried several foot stools and small step ladders but she's afraid to fall. Is there some kind of medical equipment I can rent to help us? Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

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Would advise abandoning this idea entirely. Too much risk. Falling-risk on an older person with this body mass is tremendous. Be very careful. Stools and step-ladders, in particular, I would stay away from.

If at all possible, suggest renting a mini-van. If your mother is more-or-less "normal" height, I think you'll find the seating surface pretty closely matches her fanny's height while she's standing. All she'll have to do is back up to the seat edge and slide on. The Chrysler versions also have a handle-assist on the door frame so she can help herself and feel more secure.

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I agree, given the situation, you need to rent a car. NOT a mini-van. I used to drive one of those, and my elder relatives could NOT manage getting in and out at all, and they weren't quite as heavy as your mother. MVs are also high (mine was only slightly lower than the SUV I drive now). Keep an eye out--there are always specials/coupons for rental cars, it shouldn't really cost you that much if you just need it for a day or two, and it will be well worth the price to keep her safe.

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How does your mother normally leave the house for grocery shopping, doctor appts, etc..??

Trade cars with someone in your family. We recently had to get my 83 year old 115lb aunt out of a low sedan and it was not easy either (it hurts her shoulders and back if you pull her).

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