Please help with 2nd grade book selection

eileen_launonenSeptember 22, 2002

I have been asked to read a book to my sons 2nd grade class the day before they go on Thanksgiving Holiday Vacation, the teacher has requested we hen bring in a "snack" pertaining to the book to coordinate with the theme. I need help with a book selection...I guess I like to do a book on the holiday such a the pilgrims but i want to bring a snac that the kids wil atually enjoy most would turn there noses up to cranberries or pumpkin pie....PLEASE HELP IM STUMPED!!!!!

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Make something with apples or with popcorn--we got popcorn from the Indians. They will be real antsy the last day before vacation. I suggest something fun and short--try one of Shel Silverstein's books--Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, and I forget his newer poetry book. Pick some funny ones, and read them. If they get too antsy, then it is easy to stop at the end of that poem. Be sure to pick which ones you will read. Some are not as suitable. Also, they will be in a mood for the fun in his poetry. The library ought to have a copy of the books.

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Well, I like Sheila's idea of reading Shel Silverstein. (He's a favorite children's author of mine.) Where the Side walk ends and A Light in the Attic are both large books of poetry. I would suggest The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. And maybe apples? Since they come from trees and fit with the fall/winter time.

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Maybe popcorn balls with candy corns in them? Cranberry muffins? I remember borrowing a library book-it MIGHT have been called Thanksgiving at the Tappletons.

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Craisins are pretty good. They're sweetened dried cranberries. I think they're marketed to be similar to raisins, but of course they are cranberries (but sweetened and palatable). Other dried fruits might go over well. Any or all could be added to muffins, or popcorn balls for that matter, and/or offered simply as dried fruit. Spice cookies or gingerbread pieces and a vanilla pudding dip might go over better than pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce. Also, cranberry juice cocktail can cover the cranberry theme (and that comes in all kinds of fruit flavours and now there's even a white cranberry juice type).

What kinds of fresh fruit are available in the stores now? If you can get some that appeals to children, pretty much any fresh fruit which is available can go with the general theme of eating and sharing what is at hand.

good luck

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