Do my light fixtures need to match?

aggieroseFebruary 7, 2013

Hello all! I'm replacing all the lighting in my house and need some advice. I have ordered this light for my dining room:

I'm considering something like this for over my breakfast table:

My floorplan is very open and both of these fixtures will be very easily seen at the same time while in the family room. Do they need to match? Will completely different styles look terrible together? I'd love some advice asap as the electrician is coming soon to take down all the old lights. Thanks!

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I think they go well together. In fact, when you asked "Will completely different styles look terrible together?" I was expecing the two fixtures to be much, much more dofferent. I personally would consider them both to be "modern" or "updated" takes on fairly traditional lighting oprions (drum shade and chandelier). Both are very pretty!

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Thank you Madtown! Now, another question. What about light fixtures that are in the same room? I will be putting a new light above the table in the breakfast area, a light above the island in the kitchen, and then either 2 or 3 pendants at the bar. Since these 3 areas are basically in the same room should I use the same style of light fixture, or will it look ok to choose different styles that I like? They would all be a brushed nickel and modern style. Thoughts?

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Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? I need to get my lights ordered and I don't trust my decisions. I'm second guessing everything. :(

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I just discovered the uttermost chandelier and I am thinking of ordering it for my dining room table. How do you like it and what other lights did you decide to go with?

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I personally would not use the two in an open space where they are both visible. They are both very prominent and seem to vie for attention holder. JMHO.

I would try to find something on a smaller scale for the breakfast table in the same family as the DR, but like I said, on a smaller scale.

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What size is your dining room, ceiling height and your DR table?
What size is your breakfast room, table and ceiling height?

These appear to be of same size, and hopefully your DR table is larger than your BR table.

I need more information on your rooms, the ceiling heights, table sizes, how many people sit at each table, etc, to give a more well-informed advice.

Also, tell us about the furniture, wall colors of each room, natural lighting.

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I like this pendant with your chosen DR light fixture. You would need to figure out if you wanted to use it over the bar and the island and if your ceiling is not very, very tall, you could use something similar flush to the ceiling. What color are kitchen appliances and drawer hardware, etc?

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I don't mean to takeover this post but I am having a dilemma with my light for my island and my dining room table. My table is a simple cherry table with ladder back chairs and natural hickory wood floors and I am painting the room benjamin moore revere pewter. I really want a chandelier to soften the dining room given all of the wood. I thought that the uttermost fascination would work. However, you can see my kitchen island from the dining room so I think I need something a pendant for the island that will complement the dining room light. My island cabinets are white dove with calcutta marble.Any suggestions for a light for the island and one for the dining room?

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I love the dining room fixture but I don't think the one for over the kitchen table will work well at all. The dining room has a softness too it and the kitchen one seems cold and linear. I'd keep looking for a kitchen one to blend better. Is the dining room light white or cream? Hard to tell from the photo.

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